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Ticket Summary Needs tests Status Owner Type Component
#21743 formset prefix attribute and formset empty form "__prefix__" don't refer to the same thing False new nobody Cleanup/optimization Forms
#22003 LiveServerTestCase with ATOMIC_REQUESTS leaves Postgres connections open after socket error False new nobody Bug Testing framework
#22014 `prefetch_related` recursion protection does not cover all cases False new nobody Bug Uncategorized
#22330 Model.__reduce__() includes cached lookups False new nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized
#22382 ManyRelatedManager's get_prefetch_queryset doesn't validate the prefetch types False new nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM)
#22421 Loading fixtures with OneToOne relation and natural keys fails since 1.7 Beta False new nobody Bug Core (Serialization)
#22451 Migrations do not work with GeoDjango False new nobody Bug Migrations
#22470 Migrations fail with order_with_respect_to and ForeignKey to self False new nobody Bug Migrations
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