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#27746 Database migration fail when removing a child model containing only foreignkeys in a multi-table inheritance context on MySQL new nobody Bug Migrations
#27747 Add signals for Django management commands new nobody New feature Core (Management commands)
#27748 Use callables instead of strings as default error handlers (handler404, etc.) new nobody Cleanup/optimization Core (URLs)
#27751 Teardown of a PG test database fails if it is an autogenerated test_MYDB database new nobody Bug Testing framework
#27752 Fix and test admin_order_field set for the __str__ of a model new Bug contrib.admin
#27753 Cleanups when no supported version of Django supports Python 2 anymore new nobody Cleanup/optimization Utilities
#27755 add ModelAdmin.get_inlines() hook to allow set inlines based on the request or model instance. new nobody New feature contrib.admin
#27757 The link of the "view_on_site" button is not formed according to the returning result of the "get_absolute_url" method. new nobody Uncategorized Uncategorized
#27758 Template widget rendering breaks the AdvancedModelIterator pattern new nobody Bug Forms
#27759 Template widget rendering: attrs with value False now render new nobody Bug Forms
#27760 Hard to diagnose reason for 400 response when making test request that sets SERVER_NAME new nobody Uncategorized Testing framework
#27761 Typo in multiple_input.html produces invalid HTML new nobody Bug Forms
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