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#22395 Deleting a model and fields that relate to it results in ValueError: Related model '<app>.<model>' cannot be resolved new nobody Bug Migrations 1.7-beta-1
#22396 Admin AllValuesFieldListFilter not respecting ModelAdmin.get_queryset new nobody Bug contrib.admin master
#22397 Issues removing M2M field with explicit through model new andrewsg Bug Migrations master
#22403 Add AMD support for django javascript object new nobody Cleanup/optimization Internationalization master
#22404 Make front-end getext catalog available as JSON new nobody New feature Translations 1.6
#22407 AdminEmailHandler should allow overriding the mail part of emit new nobody Cleanup/optimization Utilities master
#22411 Migrations attempt to create content types without first running contenttypes sync/migrations new nobody Bug Migrations 1.7-beta-1
#22414 Persistent connections not closed by LiveServerTestCase, preventing dropping test databases new Bug Testing framework 1.6
#22416 Migrate can't create ManyToManyField for Model wigrated in the same run new nobody Cleanup/optimization Migrations 1.7-alpha-2
#22417 Django 1.7 DB connection fails due to requesting database "postgres" assigned timo Bug Documentation 1.7-beta-1
#22420 Postgresql connections not being dropped between tests? new nobody Bug Testing framework 1.6
#22422 RegistryNotReadyException in django.apps.registry.Apps.check_ready() new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.7-beta-1
#22423 Geodjango spatial functions should leverage mysql 5.6 spatial functions. new visu New feature GIS master
#22424 Default value for TextField new nobody Bug Migrations 1.7-beta-1
#22425 provide ability to abort URL resolution early new nobody New feature Core (URLs) master
#22426 Django >= 1.6.0 can't handle old style messages cookie assigned ofirov Bug contrib.messages 1.6
#22427 Session entry disappears before it can be saved new nobody Bug contrib.sessions 1.6
#22429 Wrong SQL generated when using ~Q and F assigned superemily Bug Database layer (models, ORM) master
#22431 TestCase swallows IntegrityError when creating object with invalid foreign key new nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM) 1.6
#22432 Switching model on an M2M field results in a broken db (no change to the automatic through table) new nobody Bug Migrations 1.7-beta-1
#22435 Adding a ManyToManyField and running makemigrations prompts for a default new nobody Bug Migrations master
#22436 migrations fail on custom upload_to on ImageField assigned chriscauley Bug Migrations 1.7-beta-1
#22438 Slow INNER JOIN in MySQL can be fixed in Django ORM, but should it? new nobody Uncategorized Database layer (models, ORM) master
#22439 LiveServerTestCase handles error messages inconsistently assigned jmbowman Cleanup/optimization Testing framework 1.6
#22440 Incorrect Behavior of ConditionalGetMiddleware new mlavin Uncategorized HTTP handling master
#22442 app1.MyModel: (models.E005) The field 'id' from parent model 'app2.othermodel' clashes with the field 'id' from parent model 'app3.othermodel' new nobody Bug Core (System checks) 1.7-beta-1
#22445 Doc on reversible data migrations needed new nobody Bug Documentation 1.7-beta-1
#22446 Add tox support new jmbowman Cleanup/optimization Testing framework master
#22447 Migrations have bases=(NewBase,) for models with custom metaclass assigned charettes Bug Migrations 1.7-beta-1
#22448 django test command runs wrong tests if test module has no tests new nobody Bug Testing framework 1.6
#22449 Colorize output of test results assigned jrothenbuhler New feature Core (Management commands) master
#22458 MySQL notes recommend legacy utf8_general_ci unicode collation assigned mardini Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.7-beta-1
#22459 Creating model classes for test purposes breaks migrations new nobody Uncategorized Migrations master
#22461 condition decorator: support fo if-unmodified-since and updating etags new nobody New feature HTTP handling 1.6
#22462 Loading issue of models declared in due to a combination of AdminConfig, System checks, and Model._meta caching. new nobody Bug Core (Other) master
#22463 Inconsistent code style in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files assigned treyhunner Cleanup/optimization Uncategorized master
#22468 ImportError: No module named '_markerlib' new nobody Bug Python 3 master
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