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#22449 Colorize output of test results assigned jrothenbuhler Core (Management commands) master Normal
#22391 fallback to pymysql if MySQLdb not available new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#22328 Add --exclude option to compilemessages assigned infraredgirl Core (Management commands) master Normal
#22170 Add initial migrations for contrib apps new Migrations master Normal
#21905 Add check for default=now() on Date/Time/DateTimeFields assigned MarkusH Core (Other) 1.7-alpha-1 Normal
#21604 Embed raw queries as subqueries when used with an __in filter new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#21548 Add the ability to limit file extensions for ImageField and FileField assigned jfilipe Forms master Normal
#21461 Add pre_update and post_update signals assigned loic84 Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#21446 Add possibility to not perform redirect in set_language view new KJ Internationalization master Normal
#21392 changepassword option to read from stdin assigned AeroNotix contrib.auth master Normal
#21201 Let ClearableFileInput work with other fields assigned vzima Forms master Normal
#20869 Prevent repetitive output to counter BREACH-type attacks assigned adambrenecki contrib.csrf 1.5 Normal
#20824 User Auth: A Complete Solution for Email Login Handling assigned tanderegg contrib.auth master Normal
#20811 Makemessages currently does not support alternative template languages new nobody Internationalization master Normal
#20488 Enhance the Storage class with new copy and move methods new nobody File uploads/storage master Normal
#20456 Easier unit testing for class-based views assigned mjtamlyn Testing framework master Normal
#20296 django.utils.safestring.mark_safe forces evaluation of lazy objects new nobody Utilities master Normal
#20189 Collectstatic ignore list expansion on a per project basis new nobody contrib.staticfiles master Normal
#20133 Admin: Add deletion summary new nobody contrib.admin master Normal
#19869 Make changing the active language inside `LiveTestServerCase` possible assigned unaizalakain Testing framework master Normal
#19716 Support microsecond precision in MySQL ORM DateTimeField new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#19126 Allow runserver to bypass model validation new nobody Core (Management commands) master Normal
#18931 Add predicate functionality to Q objects new ptone Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#18773 Enable optional logging of invalid variable lookups assigned CarolineSimpson Template system 1.4 Normal
#18763 Shortcut to get users by permission assigned Osmose contrib.auth master Normal
#18654 Support for model properties that are not fields in LayerMapping new nobody GIS master Normal
#18523 Add getvalue to HttpResponse assigned Osmose HTTP handling master Normal
#18355 Add ordering mixin for class based generic views assigned pjrharley Generic views master Normal
#18349 Add ipv6 support to django.contrib.gis.geoip new nobody GIS master Normal
#18148 django.contrib.sites.managers.CurrentSiteManager should be able to span multiple models new nobody contrib.sites 1.4 Normal
#17958 Add a capture_logging test util new nobody Testing framework master Normal
#17464 [patch] Work with partial forms with the generic CreateView assigned madjar Generic views 1.3 Normal
#16872 Add touch support to the geographic admin assigned jbronn GIS Normal
#15910 show delete links for all admin inline formset rows new nobody contrib.admin 1.3 Normal
#14483 Implement subqueries in geodjango spatial lookup new nobody GIS 1.2 Normal
#13910 Add generator version of Template.render(Context) assigned mindsocket Template system master Normal
#13841 Allow context processors access to current version of context assigned copelco Template system master Normal
#13749 Link from admin-site to site new joelklabo contrib.admin 1.2 Normal
#13559 Need a contextprocessor for current site assigned chrismedrela contrib.sites master Normal
#12978 Support in syndication framework for CSS stylesheet links new yuval_a contrib.syndication 1.1 Normal
#12713 Fire 'onChange' event when adding a new option to a select box new mishaaq contrib.admin master Normal
#12509 Feature: Selector Inlines new zain contrib.admin soc2009/admin-ui Normal
#12441 Delegate module permissions check to AdminSite new nobody contrib.admin 1.1 Normal
#12410 add support for St_Line_Locate_Point to geodjango postgis backend assigned jbronn GIS master Normal
#11458 Add GPolylineOptions and GPolygonOptions to new nobody GIS master Normal
#11211 Add GMarkerOptions: clickable, bouncy, dragCrossMove, bounceGravity, autoPan and hide new nobody GIS master Normal
#10944 Site app should be able to make absolute URLs. assigned krzysiumed contrib.sites 1.0 Normal
#10191 Fix / Add support for radiobuttons after adding item with popup in Django Admin new bodiddlie contrib.admin master Normal
#10190 Charset should be customizable with HttpResponse assigned aaugustin HTTP handling master Normal
#9388 Year navigation in admin's date widgets' calendar assigned versae contrib.admin master Normal
#9363 [feature request] track down where a query is requested for debugging new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.0 Normal
#9093 Extend inclusion tag syntax to allow custom templates new nobody Template system 1.0 Normal
#9071 Can't disable "add" popup links in the admin assigned burzak contrib.admin 1.0 Normal
#7857 shell, dbshell funtionality assigned marclurr Core (Management commands) master Normal
#5419 Add a model fuzz testing method to the test framework new kkubasik Testing framework master Normal
#5418 Add assertNoBrokenLinks() to test system assigned unaizalakain Testing framework master Normal
#56 Primary key columns should be UNSIGNED new Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
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