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#20468 Allow loaddata to exclude some apps or models assigned alexmorozov Core (Management commands) master 18 hours
#26656 Add timedelta support to DjangoJSONEncoder new nobody Core (Serialization) 1.9 3 days
#26424 Allow URLValidator to skip schemes validation assigned burhan Core (Other) master 8 days
#26617 Support distinct values aggregation in postgres.aggregates.StringAgg new contrib.postgres master 2 weeks
#26604 Add example of simple multiple file upload in documentation assigned berkerpeksag Documentation 1.9 2 weeks
#26607 Add InlineModelAdmin.get_formset_initial_data(). new nobody contrib.admin master 2 weeks
#19963 Add support for date_hierarchy across relations assigned vytisb contrib.admin master 3 weeks
#25790 Add a way to disable column sorting in the admin assigned sasha0 contrib.admin master 6 weeks
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