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#24520 Add documentation for supports_microseconds widget property assigned wdmgsm Documentation 1.7 Normal
#18556 Improve query efficiency of .add() on a reverse foreign key assigned timgraham Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#24660 In gCBVs, decouple get_context_data() and get_template_names() from get() and post() new akulakov Generic views master Normal
#24706 ModelForm._post_clean assumes that setting attributes onto an instance cannot raise ValidationError assigned kezabelle Forms master Normal
#12952 Models history doesn't use verbose names new nobody contrib.admin master Normal
#24207 ogrinspect multi_geom doesn't account for 25D types new mdiener21 GIS 1.8alpha1 Normal
#24105 When upload_to is callable, storage.get_valid_name() does not get called assigned abhaga File uploads/storage master Normal
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