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#27487 ModelAdmin.formfield_overrides on ManyToManyField isn't compatible with CheckboxSelectMultiple assigned Adonys Alea Boffill contrib.admin 1.10 Normal
#27678 Document that the template system isn't safe against untrusted template authors assigned Andrew Nester Documentation master Normal
#27661 Move FileSystemFinder ImproperlyConfigured errors to system checks assigned Ling-Xiao Yang contrib.staticfiles 1.10 Normal
#27587 Document str(QuerySet.query) new nobody Documentation 1.10 Normal
#27748 Use callables instead of strings as default error handlers (handler404, etc.) new nobody Core (URLs) 1.10 Normal
#26993 Increase the length of the User model's last_name field to 100 characters assigned Thom Wiggers contrib.auth master Normal
#24977 Template variables with a value of None are considered to be == to non-existent properties assigned Tim Martin Template system 1.7 Normal
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