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#27487 ModelAdmin.formfield_overrides on ManyToManyField isn't compatible with CheckboxSelectMultiple assigned Adonys Alea Boffill contrib.admin 1.10 3 months ago
#27768 makemigrations uses unnecessary AddField for ForeignKey depending on model name assigned Ed Morley Migrations master 7 weeks ago
#27845 Possible Migration Optimizer Strategy Improvement assigned Simon Charette Migrations master 5 weeks ago
#27787 call_command() should validate the arguments it receives assigned Chandrakant Kumar Core (Management commands) master 5 weeks ago
#27818 Use contextlib.suppress to suppress exceptions. new Core (Other) master 5 weeks ago
#27888 Add a button to clear all admin filters assigned Md. Al-Amin contrib.admin 1.10 2 weeks ago
#27852 Admin Delete Object Block Page Doesn't Show All Related Objects Blocking Deletion assigned Anton Samarchyan Database layer (models, ORM) master 2 weeks ago
#27944 Have meta.get_field('pk') return the primary key field directly assigned Josh Schneier Database layer (models, ORM) master 7 days ago
#27931 Clarify the meaning of "django catch-all logger" assigned Vedran Karačić Documentation 1.10 3 days ago
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