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Ticket Summary Status Owner Component Version Severity
#21601 Broken encoding in German translation new nobody Translations master Normal
#18088 Add a "supports_foreign_key" database feature to ease testing new nobody Testing framework 1.4 Normal
#21158 Set an implicit wait for selenium. assigned bsilverberg Testing framework master Normal
#18105 Investigate possible misuse of Context new nobody Template system 1.4 Normal
#20368 MemoryError can block rendering of traceback page new nobody Template system 1.3 Normal
#21598 Cleanup template loader overrides in tests assigned unaizalakain Template system master Normal
#22171 sanitize_separators throws away too many thousand separators new nobody Internationalization master Normal
#17092 Internal Redirects with Apache new nobody HTTP handling 1.3 Normal
#17133 get_script_name goofs when there is Apache URL rewriting new nobody HTTP handling 1.3 Normal
#21021 Default geom_type attribute for GeometryWidget should be "Geometry", not "Unknown" assigned EricBoersma GIS 1.6-beta-1 Normal
#21987 Allow Media objects to have their own MEDIA_TYPES assigned Osmose Forms master Normal
#19396 Allow customized ModelState classes new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) master Normal
#16406 Allow separate access to matches from urlpatterns and extra_context args new nobody Core (URLs) master Normal
#16245 send_robust should include traceback in response when Exception occurs assigned unaizalakain Core (Other) master Normal
#18603 Adding support for PEP 302 importers new nobody Core (Other) Normal
#21630 Simplify find_management_module new nobody Core (Management commands) master Normal
#8122 Better way of testing for cookies new nobody contrib.sessions master Normal
#18620 Prefer current Site when checking M2M in "shortcut"/"view_on_site" redirect new nobody contrib.contenttypes 1.4 Normal
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