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#14415 Multiple aliases for one database: testing problems assigned boaz85 Testing framework master 6 hours
#26572 AdminEmailHandler fails to honor subject length limit new nobody Core (Mail) 1.9 14 hours
#25986 Django crashes on unicode characters in the local part of an e-mail address assigned sergei-maertens Core (Mail) 1.9 37 hours
#26515 trim_joins bug with nested related models using ForeignObject new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.9 3 days
#21379 class AbstractUser: validators should compile re with Unicode new nobody contrib.auth master 4 days
#19513 update() after annotate(val=Sum(...)) crashes on PostgreSQL & Oracle new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.4 9 days
#26005 uri_to_iri() perfoms percent decoding incorrectly assigned varunnaganathan Utilities 1.8 3 weeks
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