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#26223 Squashing migrations with preserve_default=False keeps the default assigned Vytis Banaitis Migrations master 10 months ago
#23268 Fixtures: Natural Key support for Generic Foreign Keys assigned Guillaume Thomas Core (Serialization) 1.6 4 months ago
#26936 Stale content type deletion stops working if all models in an app are deleted assigned Pavel contrib.contenttypes 1.9 2 months ago
#27860 Changing a CharField to a ForeignKey crashes when migrating in PostgreSQL assigned felixxm Migrations 1.10 8 weeks ago
#27554 Queryset evaluation fails with mix of nested and flattened prefetches (AttributeError on RelatedManager) assigned François Freitag Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10 7 weeks ago
#25718 Can’t use queries with JSON ’null’ values with JSONField assigned Dmitry Dygalo contrib.postgres master 5 weeks ago
#24195 Changing limit_choices_to in a ForeignKey doesn't create a migration assigned Adam Bogdał Migrations master 4 weeks ago
#26720 migration optimizer can produce operations that references removed models under certain circumstances new Migrations master 4 weeks ago
#22550 QuerySet last() and reverse() confusing when used with ordered slices assigned Michael Käufl Database layer (models, ORM) master 4 weeks ago
#25530 Deferred SQL operations fail when a referenced table or column is renamed or deleted during the same migration assigned Simon Charette Migrations master 3 weeks ago
#21963 makemessages still ignores translations in templates with inline comment tags assigned Sergey Kolosov Internationalization 1.6 3 weeks ago
#28043 Cloning a ModelState fails to deepcopy all options assigned Ian Foote Migrations 1.11 3 weeks ago
#28016 Command createsuperuser does not validate username when using --username assigned Ricardo S. A. Silva Core (Management commands) master 3 weeks ago
#13677 ModelFormSet may query wrong database backend assigned Tobias Kunze Forms 1.2 3 weeks ago
#27161 TypedChoiceField fails to validate properly when used with ArrayField assigned Rômulo Rosa Furtado Forms master 11 days ago
#27833 prefetch_related fails with SQLite when used with 1000 parent records assigned Raphael Michel Database layer (models, ORM) 1.10 8 days ago
#28037 Incorrect return type in QueryDict.items()/values() docs examples new nobody Documentation master 4 days ago
#27434 Crashes during form validation when Model validation raises ValidationErrors for fields not in the current form assigned Matthias Kestenholz Forms master 44 hours ago
#28071 ExtendsNode history initialized with context origin rather than own origin assigned John D'Ambrosio Template system 1.9 14 hours ago
#28040 Update SplitArrayWidget to use template-based widget rendering new nobody contrib.postgres 1.11 6 hours ago
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