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#25827 DateTimeField in admin TabularInline has unsightly left margin new nobody contrib.admin 1.8 26 hours
#25825 Template Origin is missing an __ne__ implementation new nobody Uncategorized master 40 hours
#25761 Re-raised exceptions with __cause__ should also set __traceback__ on the exception new nobody Database layer (models, ORM) 1.8 4 days
#21221 Widgets and Admin's Media should use the configured staticfiles storage to create the right path to a file assigned codingjoe contrib.staticfiles 1.5 5 days
#25797 error when using GeoManager.distance on fields with SRID 32140 with no GDAL assigned sir-sigurd GIS 1.8 6 days
#25349 ModelForm regression when setting None into a ForeignKey new Forms 1.8 13 days
#25708 cannot annotate with geometry value assigned sir-sigurd GIS 1.8 13 days
#24991 Range types not properly converted to SQL in QuerySet.query.__str__() assigned Stranger6667 contrib.postgres 1.8 2 weeks
#25718 Can’t use queries with JSON ’null’ values with JSONField assigned Stranger6667 contrib.postgres master 3 weeks
#25452 Email validation for domain `gmail.-com` is considered valid assigned bak1an Forms 1.8 3 weeks
#25670 `dictsort` does not work when `arg` parameter is numeric assigned soon Template system 1.8 3 weeks
#17688 No m2m_changed signal sent to when referenced object is deleted assigned jorgecarleitao Database layer (models, ORM) 1.3 4 weeks
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