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#28380 Wrong handling of NULL values in spatialite geometry comparison functions new nobody GIS 1.11 20 hours ago
#28404 Django admin empty_value/empty_value_display doesn't check for empty strings new nobody contrib.admin 1.11 41 hours ago
#26688 Inconsistent logging of 5xx and 4xx requests to django.request assigned Sergio Oliveira HTTP handling master 2 days ago
#28379 Fix redirect loop in AccessMixin if a user lack permissions assigned Dylan Verheul contrib.auth 1.11 3 days ago
#28371 Cast generates invalid SQL for SQLite, PostgreSQL, and Oracle if max_length isn't provide to CharField assigned felixxm Database layer (models, ORM) master 9 days ago
#17379 Don't deactivate translations by default in management commands assigned Ramiro Morales Internationalization master 6 weeks ago
#28147 Saving parent object after setting on child leads to unexpected data loss assigned Erwin Junge Database layer (models, ORM) master 3 months ago
#21963 makemessages still ignores translations in templates with inline comment tags assigned Sergey Kolosov Internationalization 1.6 4 months ago
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