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#28367 Document how to override management commands assigned Joe Krzystan Cleanup/optimization 1.11 12 hours ago
#27701 Document that runserver bypasses middleware for static files assigned Joe Krzystan Cleanup/optimization master 12 hours ago
#28332 Diamond multiple inheritance example in docs gives a clashing field check error assigned Jeremy Satterfield Bug 1.11 39 hours ago
#17985 Document ModelAdmin.lookup_allowed() assigned Simon Meers New feature 1.4 4 days ago
#27931 Clarify the meaning of "django catch-all logger" assigned Barry Martin Cleanup/optimization 1.10 5 days ago
#27994 Document assigned Theofanis Despoudis New feature 1.10 3 weeks ago
#28343 Update the Windows instructions in the docs to use py launcher rather than Git bash assigned Ramiro Morales Cleanup/optimization master 6 weeks ago
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