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#9388 Year navigation in admin's date widgets' calendar admin calendar year previous next widget ui assigned versae New feature contrib.admin
#13117 Recenter OSMGeoAdmin widget with coordinates admin widget OSMGeoAdmin new nobody New feature GIS
#14370 Adding support for Autocomplete in contrib.admin autocomplete, jquery, javascript, widgets, admin assigned codingjoe New feature contrib.admin
#7664 MultiWidget to support named sub widgets multiwidget new nobody New feature Forms
#16575 SelectDateWidget should have possibility to have more custom configurations SelectDateWidget new nobody New feature Forms
#5851 SplitDateTimeWidget (or MultiWidget) doesn't allow different attrs for different fields SplitDateTimeWidget MultiWidget new nobody New feature Forms
#24871 Textarea widget has redundant \r\n when writing XHTML textarea, widget new nobody Bug Forms
#25197 Add a more friendly widget for HStoreField widget assigned funkybob New feature contrib.postgres
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