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#23299 Add some interoperability to _() function calls parsing in templatize function. template-refactor assigned aaugustin New feature Internationalization
#24167 Backend-agnostic template internationalization multiple-template-engines assigned aaugustin New feature Internationalization
#24469 Revisit strategy of escaping Django's form elements in non-Django forms forms fields media escape template jinja2 assigned aaugustin Cleanup/optimization Template system
#14810 Admin inline templates need blocks template, block, inheritance new DrMeers New feature contrib.admin
#21963 makemessages still ignores translations in templates with inline comment tags makemessages, template, gettext, xgettext assigned dzhibas Bug Internationalization
#24179 FilteredSelectMultiple widget - add filter field to the right column. FilteredSelectMultiple, filter_horizontal, UI assigned gdmka New feature contrib.admin
#9762 template filter |date:"r" not valid RFC 2822 formatted when LANGUAGE_CODE different than english date template filter new kgrandis Bug Template system
#23424 Verbatim tag fails to render curly braces verbatim template tag assigned mountainpaul Bug Template system
#5851 SplitDateTimeWidget (or MultiWidget) doesn't allow different attrs for different fields SplitDateTimeWidget MultiWidget new nobody New feature Forms
#5908 Cycle tag should reset after it steps out of scope(?) cycle templatetag tag counter for loop reset new nobody Cleanup/optimization Template system
#6237 PicklingError: Can't pickle <class 'django.template.SimpleNode'>: attribute lookup django.template.SimpleNode failed pickle SimpleNode new nobody Bug Template system
#6989 Inability to define DNS_NAME in django.core.mail results in e-mail messages being rejected or marked as spam local_hostname, DNS_NAME, CachedDnsName, smtplib, SMTPConnection new nobody Bug Core (Mail)
#8467 For ManyToMany manager, we should convert objects being added or removed to the pk type if they are not. Duplicate entry, add, remove, ManyToManyField new nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM)
#10850 Impossible to stop a large file upload mid-stream upload, StopUpload new nobody Bug File uploads/storage
#11974 Submit_row in admin doesn't follow the pattern of using admin/app_label/model/submit_line.html django admin templates new nobody New feature contrib.admin
#11981 Add custom Q-object (add_to_query) support to QuerySet.filter() and QuerySet.exclude() complex_filter, add_to_query new nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM)
#12089 test client fails to collect sub-contexts template context TestClient new nobody Bug Testing framework
#14370 Adding support for Autocomplete in contrib.admin autocomplete, jquery, javascript, widgets, admin new nobody New feature contrib.admin
#14831 Django Template Style Guide template, style, format new nobody New feature Documentation
#15059 Additional Documentation for the objects in the admin templates admin templates override new nobody Bug Documentation
#17232 Multitable multi-inheritance: Deadly Diamond of Death multiple shared inheritance new nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM)
#17726 Admin's Recent Actions broken for multiple admin site instances with unique registered models admin, multiple admin sites, recent actions new nobody Bug contrib.admin
#19106 Add new tutorial on breaking templates into blocks template, tutorial, extend new nobody New feature Documentation
#21554 incorrect SQL generated when using multiple inheritance multiple-inheritance new nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM)
#22086 Building of template nodelist inside cache blocks template, cache new nobody Cleanup/optimization Template system
#22571 Document implications of using auto_now_add=True and get_or_create integrityerror auto_now_add get_or_create duplicatekey new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation
#23718 TEST_MIRROR setting doesn't work as expected (and has no tests) replica testing new nobody Bug Testing framework
#24105 When upload_to is callable, storage.get_valid_name() does not get called upload_to, get_valid_name new nobody Cleanup/optimization File uploads/storage
#24119 Backend-agnostic tracebacks on template rendering errors multiple-template-engines new nobody Bug Template system
#24120 Backend-agnostic debug information on template loading failures multiple-template-engines new nobody Bug Template system
#24125 TemplateDetailView in admindocs requires a single Django templates engine multiple-template-engines new nobody Bug contrib.admindocs
#24257 The trans template tag fails to get a message when there is a % character in the string trans templatetag i18n new nobody Bug Internationalization
#24527 Using standalone templates gives confusing error message templates, standalone new nobody Bug Documentation
#15648 [Feature request] NamedTupleQuerySet namedtuple, tuple, queryset assigned paulmillr New feature Database layer (models, ORM)
#16281 ContentType.get_object_for_this_type using wrong database for creating object contenttype, object get_object_for_this_type, database, multiple new poirier Bug contrib.contenttypes
#5147 Translation inconsistency for Hungarian language (entry - entries) i18n hu pl inconsistency i18n-nofix new Bug Internationalization
#23251 Use a temporary folder to store uploaded files during tests file storage upload new Bug Testing framework
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