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#10686 Add class name interpolation in Meta.permissions codenames assigned permissions inheritance Sergei Maertens New feature
#11154 Inconsistency with permissions for proxy models new proxy contenttype permission Bug
#11383 Admin action 'Delete selected' check only global model delete permission new delete permission admin Bug
#11561 raw_id_fields requires that the user has change permissions on the model class that is being linked to new raw_id_fields permissions nobody Bug
#12157 FileSystemStorage does file I/O inefficiently, despite providing options to permit larger blocksizes new io, FileSystemStorage, buffering, performance nobody Cleanup/optimization
#13539 The delete confirmation page does not check for object-level permissions when building the related list new delete object-level permissions Bug
#17904 Custom permissions on proxy model no longer created new proxy contenttype permission nobody Bug
#22270 Explain permissions on proxy models new proxy models permissions nobody Cleanup/optimization
#23771 Optimisation idea for Paginator object new paginator optimization performance nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26756 Changing of model's verbose_name does not change the names of the model's permissions assigned permissions verbose_name migrate Roman Hudec Bug
#27950 Permission classes for Class Based Views new permissions, view, cbv nobody New feature
#28077 Allow specifying custom operator classes for PostgreSQL indexes assigned postgres, gin, operator, class Ian Foote New feature
#28540 Document changes to file upload permissions in Django 1.11 new ImageField, save, permissions nobody Cleanup/optimization
#29122 Add a better font for Persian/Farsi to the admin new Persian, font, Farsi New feature
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