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#11557 get_latest_by should support multiple columns via tuple like ordering assigned get_latest_by ordering François Freitag New feature
#17344 A away to tell ManyToManyField to use ordering on intermediate field new m2m, ordering nobody New feature
#17345 Allow ordering override on ManyToManyField new m2m, ordering nobody New feature
#17522 ModelAdmin.ordering validation too strict new admin, validation, ordering, strict nobody Bug
#25790 Add a way to disable column sorting in the admin assigned sorting ordering change list changelist admin Simon Charette New feature
#26067 Orderable ArrayAgg and StringAgg assigned ArrayAgg StringAgg ordering Floris den Hengst New feature
#26257 Add support for expressions like (Lower('myfield'),) in model Meta.ordering new meta, ordering, lower nobody New feature
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