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#25751 Translation of strings in a javascript file: Docs seem to be incorrect javascript translation new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25774 Refactor of datetime expressions and better, official support for right-hand-side date part extraction db,expressions,date,time,extract,transform assigned jarshwah New feature
#25871 Allow expressions in values() queryset method expressions new nobody New feature
#25884 migrate --run-syncdb doesn't work when specifying a database syncdb, migrations new nobody Bug
#25937 Failure when using expressions.DateTime on NULL values and aggregating aggregate timezone new nobody Bug
#25945 Referring to partially run squashed migrations make squash migrations partially run dependencies assigned jarekwg Bug
#25955 FK constraints are not checked at the end of nested atomic blocks DEFERRED transaction.atomic savepoint postgresql new nobody Bug
#25995 Add more sophisticated serialization support to JSONField JSONB new nobody New feature
#26040 Streaming Large CSV Files Example Incorrect csv streaming documentation bug new nobody Bug
#26261 QuerySet.exclude() crashes when referencing related_qurey_name of GenericRelation GenericRelation exclude new nobody Bug
#26290 Pagination module should warn about unordered query set pagination assigned EmadMokhtar Cleanup/optimization
#26327 Add JSON_AGG to contrib.postgres JSON postgres aggregate new New feature
#26333 GIS geometries classes should be deconstructibles. makemigration gis point pointfield assigned niconoe Bug
#26337 Translations - No fallback used if requesting english variant i18n translations english new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26347 Saving ManyToMany field under race condition causes data loss on MySQL mysql transaction new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26407 Investigate applying transitive reduction to migration graph. transitive reduction showmigrations new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26429 Name clash of merge migrations after squashing makemigrations merge clash assigned rtpg Bug
#26430 Coalesce in Aggregations ignored when EmptyResultSet returned aggregation coalesce in queryset new nobody Bug
#26481 Add a "strict mode" for defer()/only() to prevent queries on unfetched field access only, defer new nobody New feature
#26511 Django 1.9 and Postgres 9.4 jsonb string containment inside JSONField postgres, jsonb new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26573 Empty 'AssertionError' exception message on syntax error ({% else if %}) in templates assertionerror template elsif new nobody Cleanup/optimization
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