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#23976 ValidationError crashes if initialized with a list of empty dicts exceptions, ValidationError new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#24048 only() doesn't override fields included in defer() as documented defer, only, QuerySet, DeferredAttribute new nobody Bug
#24179 FilteredSelectMultiple widget - add filter field to the right column. FilteredSelectMultiple, filter_horizontal, UI assigned gdmka New feature
#24203 Optimisation: adding multiple fields to same model should attempt to run single ALTER TABLE statement migration new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#24228 Signals have unclear & inconsistent transaction handling transaction, signals, documentation new nobody Bug
#24272 prefetch_related GenericRelation via related_query_name prefetch_related, GenericRelation, related_query_name new nobody New feature
#24375 Add ability to mark migration as "part of initial" in Migration fake migrations assigned akulakov New feature
#24434 Django Custom Field inherits ForeignKey deconstruct() fails deconstruct,migration new nobody Bug
#24481 Allow use of sql* commands even on apps with migrations migrate migrations sqlall new nobody New feature
#24497 Truncation of microseconds in DateTimeField leads to lookup trouble microseconds new nobody Bug
#24527 Using standalone templates gives confusing error message templates, standalone new nobody Bug
#24623 AttributeError when trying to send an utf-8 encoded email with text attachments (mime type: text/*) email python3 SafeMIMEText MIMEText attach_file new Bug
#24630 Misleading/incorrect docs about RunPython and transactions uuidfiled migrations new priidukull Bug
#24632 PostgreSQL table inheritance orm postgresql table-inheritance inheritance object-relational new New feature
#24636 InvalidOperation saving decimal.Decimal InvalidOperation decimal Decimal assigned iuliachiriac Bug
#24653 Database introspection doesn't work when using MySQL OPTIONS['read_default_file'] foreign key constraint mysql new nobody Bug
#24698 Relation clear fails silently when using OneToOneField+UUIDField uuidfield onetoonefield manytomanyfield new nobody Bug
#24709 ArrayField doesn't support .update() and F() objects postgresql contrib arrayfield update new nobody New feature
#24713 Redirect loop detection in test client is incorrect redirect loop detection test client new nobody Bug
#24715 Django Migration's alter_db_table does not rename sequences and triggers. migrations oracle rename table new nobody Bug
#24720 using middleware.common to append slashes causes extra overhead to all requests that do not end in a slash optimization middleware common new nobody Cleanup/optimization
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