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#1873 Multi-select admin filter for RelatedFields new nfa-changelist nobody New feature contrib.admin
#2901 Enable admin log display to be restricted to a specific site new nfa-someday nobody New feature contrib.admin
#4848 Allow inline fields to be "mixed in" with the models' own fields new nfa-someday newforms-admin inline models fields nobody New feature contrib.admin
#5372 Cache inline ForeignKey options new nfa-someday newforms, admin, inlines nobody Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin
#5518 Capitalized verbose names for models new admin, verbose_name, nfa-someday i18n-nofix nobody Cleanup/optimization Internationalization
#5899 Allow admin fieldsets to be collapsible but not initially collapsed assigned admin fieldset collapsed collapsible nfa-someday Alexander Herrmann New feature contrib.admin
#6396 Remove customization-unfriendly admin template tags new nfa-someday nobody Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin
#6933 You cannot search with spaces if search_fields is declared with "^" new nfa-someday yandex-sprint ep2008 diafour New feature contrib.admin
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