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#7556 inspectdb fails in MySql if a table references a table outside the current schema assigned mysql foreign key schema inspectdb brockweaver Bug Core (Management commands)
#24421 Querying a reverse ForeignObject relation using exclude() fails new ForeignObject, MySQL, SQLite nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM)
#24995 MySQL 5.5.x errno: 150 when renaming a primary key new rename mysql error nobody Bug Migrations
#27859 Migration to create TextField with db_index=True crashes on MySQL assigned mysql Zubair Alam Bug Migrations
#56 Primary key columns should be UNSIGNED new mysql New feature Database layer (models, ORM)
#3254 full text search support for postgres, oracle and mssql new oracle fulltext search postgresql postgres mysql New feature Database layer (models, ORM)
#5745 MySQL Collations/Charsets and Engines new mysql nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM)
#6148 Add generic support for database schemas new oracle postgresql mysql schemas Anssi Kääriäinen New feature Database layer (models, ORM)
#12733 Added support for Extent aggregate on mysql databases new extent, mysql nobody New feature GIS
#18392 Use utf8mb4 encoding with MySQL 5.5 new utf8mb4 mysql nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM)
#22423 Geodjango spatial functions should leverage mysql 5.6 spatial functions. new gis, mysql, visu New feature GIS
#25253 MySQL migrations drop & recreate constraints unnecessarily when changing attributes that don't affect the schema new migrations m2m mysql nobody Cleanup/optimization Migrations
#27464 SRID should be stored in DB on MySQL backend assigned mysql Sergey Fedoseev Cleanup/optimization GIS
#27864 Limit the number of terms in an admin search new mysql nobody Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin
#27979 Using F() to save negative integers in unsigned columns on MySQL should raise IntegrityError rather than OperationalError new db, mysql, exceptions, OperationalError nobody Cleanup/optimization Database layer (models, ORM)
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