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#22808 ModelMultipleChoiceField does not properly check if value is valid modelform, afraid-to-commit new nobody Bug Forms
#21792 Form.has_changed is not documented has_changed api ModelForm new nobody Bug Documentation
#21753 Generic editing views should raise ImproperlyConfigured if both `form_class` and `fields` are specified generic edit views form_class fields ModelForm new gabejackson Cleanup/optimization Generic views
#17577 Form instantiation hook for admin admin forms modelforms request init add_view change_view validation new simon29 New feature contrib.admin
#12238 ModelAdmin ignores dynamic fields of ModelForm modelform modeladmin dynamic field new nobody Bug contrib.admin
#10403 provide declarative syntax to define FormSets - including ModelFormSet and InlineFormSet formset modelformset inlineformset new nobody New feature Forms
#10305 change the way ModelForms are instantiated in add_view, change_view add_view, change_view, ModelForm new nobody New feature contrib.admin
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