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#22761 Migrating from an auto to natural key with foreign model and 'to' FK migrations new nobody Bug
#22931 Migrations cannot rename intermediate models migrations migrate makemigrations rename intermediate model new nobody Bug
#23406 Migrations not found when only .pyc files are available (e.g. in a frozen environment) migrations, .pyc, frozen, cx_Freeze new nobody Bug
#23528 django.db.migrations.swappable_dependency not documented migrations new nobody Bug
#23582 Django 1.7 initial data can't relies on other apps one. initial data,migrations new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#23610 Removing a null constraint can lead to race conditions with migrations migrations new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#24375 Add ability to mark migration as "part of initial" in Migration fake migrations assigned akulakov New feature
#24481 Allow use of sql* commands even on apps with migrations migrate migrations sqlall new nobody New feature
#24715 Django Migration's alter_db_table does not rename sequences and triggers. migrations oracle rename table new nobody Bug
#24723 Migration writer errors should be more informative Migrations, Exceptions new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#24759 Add or document a way to test data migrations migrations new nobody New feature
#24846 MySQL Migration SchemaEditor default code is ignorant of other blob/text data types mysql migrations new adamchainz Bug
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