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#8149 UploadedFile doesn't iterate over lines with \r line endings UploadedFile new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#10850 Impossible to stop a large file upload mid-stream upload, StopUpload new nobody Bug
#11838 Make syncdb understand "initialdata" directory syncdb loaddata initial_data assigned bkonkle New feature
#21680 Stop supporting models in non-installed apps app-loading 1.9 new Cleanup/optimization
#21682 Use app_config as a reference instead of app_label in Options (Model._meta) app-loading 1.9 new nobody New feature
#21685 admin_doc/model_index.html should use application names app-loading assigned mrshu Cleanup/optimization
#21699 Provide a way to define a model without being registered into the app registry / Get rid of get_registered_model app-loading new nobody New feature
#21719 Forbid importing models before their application configuration app-loading new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#21799 loaddata ignorenonexistent should ignore missing models too loaddata ignorenonexistent assigned esauro Cleanup/optimization
#22254 Testing documentation doesn't make it clear that django.setup() needs to be called with setup_test_environment app-loading new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#22402 Deprecation warnings with model_inheritance app-loading assigned aaugustin Bug
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