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#17419 Add a JSON template filter json template tag new aaugustin New feature Template system
#17637 Client side validation classes for forms Forms , Client Side validation, js new nobody New feature Forms
#21318 Clarify the ordering of the various Media classes admin, js, jquery new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation
#25541 Improve error reporting when loading invalid JSON fixtures JSON fixture error new nobody Cleanup/optimization Core (Serialization)
#25995 Add more sophisticated serialization support to JSONField JSONB new nobody New feature contrib.postgres
#26511 Django 1.9 and Postgres 9.4 jsonb string containment inside JSONField postgres, jsonb new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation
#23764 sessions.backends.cache.SessionStore does not respect settings.SESSION_SERIALIZER pickle json sessions assigned r4vi Cleanup/optimization contrib.sessions
#26327 Add JSON_AGG to contrib.postgres JSON postgres aggregate new New feature contrib.postgres
#26908 jsonfield__key__isnull lookup crashes jsonb,postgresql new Bug contrib.postgres
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