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#5726 inspectdb should recognize default values inspectdb new nobody New feature
#6344 Refactored inspectdb inspectdb new nobody Bug
#7556 inspectdb fails in MySql if a table references a table outside the current schema mysql foreign key schema inspectdb assigned brockweaver Bug
#12529 syncdb doesn't check tables by using mangled names with Oracle backend syncdb oracle inspectdb new nobody Bug
#13803 Model attribute cannot be named pk and set primary_key=True inspectdb assigned hjeffrey Bug
#14098 Add "--skip" option to inspectdb. inspectdb new nobody New feature
#16184 GeoDjango inspectdb fails for PostGIS inspectdb new nobody Bug
#16220 Add introspection for multicolumn indexes dceu2011 inspectdb new jgelens Cleanup/optimization
#17202 Inspectdb produces incorrect max_length for NVARCHAR2 columns with Oracle inspectdb oracle max_length new nobody Bug
#21079 Inspectdb doesn't properly translate database table names to valid python names inspectdb new nobody Bug
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