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#17157 CSRF fails in cross-domain iframes on IE csrf iframe ie new New feature
#17664 {% if %} template tag silences exceptions inconsistently smart if tag queryset exception silenced new nobody Bug
#24363 Combine ALTER TABLE .. MODIFY statements for multiple columns into one statement. Modify Field Column assigned ambivalentno New feature
#24680 In testing, warnings appear when loading database-specific fixtures testing, fixtures, database-specific, warning new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#24977 Template variables with a value of None are considered to be == to non-existent properties string, if, equivalence assigned Tim Martin Cleanup/optimization
#26591 Incorrect Manifest Keys for ManifestStaticFilesStorage on Windows staticfiles manifest manifeststaticfileststorage windows new nobody Bug
#27401 Add Transifex config to build translated docs transifex, document new nobody New feature
#27708 Relation between tables in different schemas with big names different schema relation new nobody Bug
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