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#9602 Add manipulation methods assigned register modeladmin anonymous New feature contrib.admin
#28887 Add support for SP-Gist indexes assigned spgist, index, postgres, db-indexes Nick Pope New feature contrib.postgres
#16872 Add touch support to the geographic admin assigned gis admin touch jbronn New feature GIS
#28809 Changing SRID on geometry field doesn't create working migration assigned migrations gis Sergey Fedoseev Bug GIS
#11094 default_lon and default_lat have no effect for OSMGeoAdmin new OSMGeoAdmin, gis stuartk Bug GIS
#22423 Geodjango spatial functions should leverage mysql 5.6 spatial functions. new gis, mysql, visu New feature GIS
#12416 Improve KML Serialization assigned gis kml 3d style rhr jbronn New feature GIS
#18887 LineString array method (property) returns different data type without and with NumPy installed assigned GIS, NumPy, LineString Sergey Fedoseev Cleanup/optimization GIS
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