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#9295 Better error handling and/or error reporting when Proj.4 datum shifting files are not found proj4, datum shifing, geodjango-basic-apps, postgis, 900913, projections new jbronn New feature
#12504 django.contrib.gis.admin.GeoModelAdmin ignores ModelAdmin.readonly_fields geodjango admin readonly_fields assigned jbronn Bug
#14483 Implement subqueries in geodjango spatial lookup geodjango, subquery new nobody New feature
#17018 LayerMapping - entries skipped when ForeignKey field has related model missing and null = True geodjango, layermapping new nobody Bug
#20253 GeoDjango - made GeoQuerySet.extent() available with Spatialite GeoDjango, Spatialite new nobody New feature
#20903 Again Exceptions in GEOS I/O object destructor at process exit geos, postgres, geodjango new nobody Bug
#22352 GeoQuerySet methods: support lookups on reversed o2o relationships as field_name geodjango, GeoQuerySet assigned anonymous New feature
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