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#5815 Adds per-view cache refreshing (clearing) new cache refresh clear nobody New feature
#17157 CSRF fails in cross-domain iframes on IE new csrf iframe ie New feature
#23406 Migrations not found when only .pyc files are available (e.g. in a frozen environment) new migrations, .pyc, frozen, cx_Freeze nobody Bug
#27460 Allow declaring a GenericRelation from an abstract model to another abstract model assigned GenericRelation, Abstract, ContentFramework Alex Hill New feature
#27846 refresh_from_db() doesn't clear reverse OneToOneFields assigned refresh_from_db OneToOneField Paulo Bug
#28490 Descriptors on Models are reported as nonexistent by System Check Framework for ModelAdmin.list_display if they return None new admin, descriptor, system, checks, framework, validation nobody Bug
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