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#16306 Form field documentation documents optional keyword arguments as field attributes. new form field documentation nobody Bug
#17379 Don't deactivate translations by default in management commands assigned management, shell, i18n, l10n, en-us, translation, documentation Ramiro Morales Bug
#24228 Signals have unclear & inconsistent transaction handling new transaction, signals, documentation nobody Bug
#26040 Streaming Large CSV Files Example Incorrect new csv streaming documentation bug nobody Bug
#27401 Add Transifex config to build translated docs new transifex, document nobody New feature
#27617 Add contributor facing documentation for the ORM new documentation internals nobody New feature
#27876 Documentation error for installing tests/requirements/py3.txt new documentation, pip3, requirements, contribution nobody Bug
#28233 Improve the "price_per_page" example in the aggregation documentation new Documentation, Aggregation, Code Example nobody Cleanup/optimization
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