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#24865 Add a feature to programmatically remove stale content types stale contenttypes assigned timgraham New feature contrib.contenttypes
#5897 Add Content-Length header in common middleware Content-Length middleware new ccahoon New feature HTTP handling
#16281 ContentType.get_object_for_this_type using wrong database for creating object contenttype, object get_object_for_this_type, database, multiple new poirier Bug contrib.contenttypes
#17904 Custom permissions on proxy model no longer created proxy contenttype permission new nobody Bug contrib.auth
#25100 Document how to avoid ""RuntimeError: Error creating new content types." when upgrading to 1.8 (skipping 1.7) contentype migration new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation
#11154 Inconsistency with permissions for proxy models proxy contenttype permission new Bug contrib.auth
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