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#21792 Form.has_changed is not documented has_changed api ModelForm new nobody Bug Documentation
#22969 Forms show_hidden_initial not is_valid() and fix => lost changes in valid fields Form show_hidden_initial changed_data new nobody Bug Forms
#1873 Multi-select admin filter for RelatedFields nfa-changelist new nobody New feature contrib.admin
#4065 Ability to disable admin pagination nfa-changelist new nobody New feature contrib.admin
#10305 change the way ModelForms are instantiated in add_view, change_view add_view, change_view, ModelForm new nobody New feature contrib.admin
#12713 Fire 'onChange' event when adding a new option to a select box js admin onchange new mishaaq New feature contrib.admin
#17577 Form instantiation hook for admin admin forms modelforms request init add_view change_view validation new simon29 New feature contrib.admin
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