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#26040 Streaming Large CSV Files Example Incorrect new csv streaming documentation bug nobody Bug Documentation
#27827 Raising InvalidTemplateLibrary completely masks out real exception in get_package_libraries new debugging nobody Cleanup/optimization Template system
#9363 Add a traceback to each query in CursorDebugWrapper new debug , query nobody New feature Database layer (models, ORM)
#17854 Add database-specific checks for the maximum supported values of DecimalField max_digits, decimal_places new DecimalField bug nobody New feature Core (System checks)
#15249 Provide access to a debugger within the development server new inline debugger Sameer Rahmani New feature Core (Other)
#29446 Include template context in error page when relevant new template debug New feature Error reporting
#27391 Support unittest.TestCase.debug() method new unittest SimpleTestCase debug nobody New feature Testing framework
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