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#10227 Support a related_default on OneToOne fields onetoone related expection null new nobody New feature
#13376 Messages should have an "expire" flag messages, expire new New feature
#24793 Subtracting DateTime fields in a query expression should use timediff datetime duration expression assigned charettes New feature
#25287 Multiplying and dividing connectors for datetime expressions are not supported by sqlite backed. sqlite3, combine_duration_expression, F expressions, assigned caioariede New feature
#25556 Add DatePart db expression to allow complex lookups on date parts (e.g. year, month, day) db expressions assigned ryuusenshi New feature
#25759 Add **kwargs to as_sql method of Expressions expressions assigned shekhar-singh New feature
#25760 Implement DateTime to Date Expression/Transform expressions new nobody New feature
#25774 Refactor of datetime expressions and better, official support for right-hand-side date part extraction db,expressions,date,time,extract,transform new nobody New feature
#25871 Allow expressions in values() queryset method expressions new nobody New feature
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