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#9762 template filter |date:"r" not valid RFC 2822 formatted when LANGUAGE_CODE different than english date template filter new kgrandis Bug Template system
#12089 test client fails to collect sub-contexts template context TestClient new nobody Bug Testing framework
#15059 Additional Documentation for the objects in the admin templates admin templates override new nobody Bug Documentation
#19139 OpenLayersWidget's 'Delete all Features' control doesn't respect GeoModelAdmin's modifiable attribute gis admin template new nobody Bug GIS
#21963 makemessages still ignores translations in templates with inline comment tags makemessages, template, gettext, xgettext assigned dzhibas Bug Internationalization
#5908 Cycle tag should reset after it steps out of scope(?) cycle templatetag tag counter for loop reset new nobody Cleanup/optimization Template system
#22086 Building of template nodelist inside cache blocks template, cache new nobody Cleanup/optimization Template system
#22295 admin/base.html only shows #user-tools when user is staff user-tools admin base template assigned maxocub Cleanup/optimization contrib.admin
#11974 Submit_row in admin doesn't follow the pattern of using admin/app_label/model/submit_line.html django admin templates new nobody New feature contrib.admin
#14810 Admin inline templates need blocks template, block, inheritance new DrMeers New feature contrib.admin
#14831 Django Template Style Guide template, style, format new nobody New feature Documentation
#16383 More specific errors when resolving template Variables _resolve_lookup, resolve, template, variable, exception assigned anubhav9042 New feature Template system
#19106 Add new tutorial on breaking templates into blocks template, tutorial, extend new nobody New feature Documentation
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