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#11072 Add Info Window Html to GMarker googlemaps marker gis assigned jbronn New feature
#11211 Add GMarkerOptions: clickable, bouncy, dragCrossMove, bounceGravity, autoPan and hide google, maps, gmarker, options new nobody New feature
#13112 Customize map type in googlemaps, gmaps new nobody New feature
#14284 Support for Google Maps version 3 Google Maps new New feature
#23829 Allow customizing the `ping_google` URL sitemaps, ping_google assigned auvipy Cleanup/optimization
#26697 Drop django.contrib.gis.maps? maps gmaps gis new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26714 Add examples for KMLSitemap and KMZSitemap sitemaps, KMLSitemap new nobody Cleanup/optimization
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