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#18543 Non image file can be saved to ImageField new deprince Bug
#18549 Admin should not use verbose_name_plural for OneToOne field new vanessagomes Bug
#18596 Documentation of JavaScriptCatalog isn't very clear new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#18597 `BaseInlineFormSet` should attempt to get it's queryset from it's instance related manager before falling back to it's model's default manager new model formset inline nobody Bug
#18603 Adding support for PEP 302 importers new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#18615 Allow retrieval of the signature age using the signing API new nobody New feature
#18620 Prefer current Site when checking M2M in "shortcut"/"view_on_site" redirect new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#18631 A way to get handle to the generated query for terminal queryset methods new nobody New feature
#18654 Support for model properties that are not fields in LayerMapping new LayerMapping nobody New feature
#18655 Media files should be served using file storage API new nobody New feature
#18665 Making it easier to customize Django Admin new nobody New feature
#18707 Test client doesn't allow testing 500 responses content new nobody New feature
#18726 Combination of F() expression with query seems to confuse sql compiler's table aliases new nobody Bug
#18736 Flexible filters for django admin new nobody New feature
#18763 Shortcut to get users by permission assigned Berker Peksag New feature
#18830 FormWizard with Formset and Form Fields mixed on same page new nobody New feature
#18844 Allow Oracle DatabaseWrapper to support session options extra kwargs as settings.DATABASE_OPTIONS new oracle session options nobody New feature
#18855 persist a socket across reloads of the dev server assigned Dan LaMotte New feature
#18879 FilteredSelectMultiple loses data new nobody Bug
#18887 LineString array method (property) returns different data type without and with NumPy installed assigned GIS, NumPy, LineString Sergey Fedoseev Cleanup/optimization
#18914 Add a way to add items to the admin's object tools using Python code new admin object-tools nobody New feature
#18929 CachedFilesMixin is not compatible with S3BotoStorage new nobody Bug
#18937 Use modern Python packaging metadata standard (1.2, PEP 345) new nobody New feature
#18957 Add next/previous buttons when editing a model in the admin site new nobody New feature
#18995 String formatting error when passing floats as values in {% blocktrans %} tags new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#19040 Allow declaring a model Manager class inside the model class new model manager New feature
#19106 Add new tutorial on breaking templates into blocks new template, tutorial, extend nobody New feature
#19149 Generic Relation not cascading with Multi table inheritance. new multitable, inheritance, genericforeignkey Bug
#19159 loaddata reports DeserializationError instead of MemoryError new nobody Bug
#19201 session data should always contain the expiry date new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#19215 ImageField's “Currently” and “Clear” Sometimes Don't Appear new ImageField nobody Bug
#19221 Check that cache keys are string assigned Dan Stephenson Bug
#19227 Reorganize method flowchart for class based generic views to tree assigned docs jambonrose Cleanup/optimization
#19235 Admin actions displayed as buttons instead of drop-down list assigned admin, actions Marijonas New feature
#19255 BaseGenericInlineFormSet runs validation methods before linking form instances to their related object assigned Ariel Pontes Bug
#19303 ModelAdmin.formfield_overrides is ignored for fields with choices new Łukasz Balcerzak Bug
#19396 Allow customized ModelState classes new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#19415 Clarify how aggregates work with multi-valued relationships and multiple filter() calls new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#19493 annotate(Count()) does not work properly with new oracle nobody Bug
#19515 Increase the max_length of Redirect.old_path/new_path assigned Saul Shanabrook Cleanup/optimization
#19527 Allow QuerySet.bulk_create() to set the primary key of its objects new oracle QuerySet.bulk_create nobody New feature
#19528 CachedFilesMixin does not rewrite rules for css selector with path assigned CachedFilesMixin staticfiles djbday Jason Novinger Bug
#19544 IntegrityError during Many To Many add() new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#19580 Unify reverse foreign key and m2m unsaved model querying assigned Andrey Kuzminov Cleanup/optimization
#19649 Cookie message storage does not set Vary: Cookie new Bug
#19710 ModelAdmin exclude behaviour not consistent with ModelAdmin behaviour new nobody Bug
#19721 Django admin allows filtering using the field lookups such as "in", but it is impossible to include a value that contains a comma new nobody Bug
#19726 Ordering on booleans works different with SQLite and Postgres new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#19755 Incremental filter assigned filter, admin Przemysław Suliga New feature
#19806 django_bash_completion clobbers upstream completion of ‘python’ new Bug
#19842 annotate()-based solution to distinct and order_by problem new Cleanup/optimization
#19878 Stop TemplateView automatically passing kwargs into the context new django-sprint nobody New feature
#19884 Inspectdb on Oracle doesn't produce correct field types new nobody Bug
#19898 Document why/when of class-based views assigned docs sprint2013 Steven Cummings New feature
#19948 Improve connection reset under PostgreSQL new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#20023 Admin Inline form validation must go in Model.clean() if AdminInline.form is not specified new admin inline form validation nobody Bug
#20024 QuerySet.exclude() does not work with lists containing a 'None' element. new nobody Bug
#20034 Upload handlers provide no way to retrieve previously parsed POST variables new New feature
#20057 Reverse related manager should be a manager INSTANCE, not CLASS new nobody Bug
#20081 Minimize the risk of SECRET_KEY leaks assigned nlsprint14 aj7may New feature
#20098 Add validation for models with the same db_table new nobody New feature
#20122 Pluralize filter sometimes returns singular form instead of an empty string for invalid inputs assigned Jorge C. Leitão Cleanup/optimization
#20127 Unify subquery generation in the ORM new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#20147 Provide an alternative to request.META for accessing HTTP headers new nobody New feature
#20151 get_deleted_objects does not check permissions on proxy model objects without ModelAdmin new ModelAdmin; get_deleted_objects; proxy nobody Bug
#20205 PositiveIntegerfield does not handle empty values well assigned Amine Zyad Bug
#20218 Default authorization backend returns False when queried for object level permissions new auth nobody Bug
#20226 Django problematic when Oracle when column/table names are mixed case new Oracle, ORM nobody Bug
#20287 BaseContext (and it's subclasses) lack emulation of dictionary items() new New feature
#20296 django.utils.safestring.mark_safe forces evaluation of lazy objects new nobody New feature
#20313 AnonymousUser should follow custom User implementation assigned thinkingpotato New feature
#20347 Add an absolute_max parameter to formset_factory assigned ethurgood New feature
#20372 using registration/logged_out.html template overrides admin logout assigned Alexis Bellido Cleanup/optimization
#20414 Handling of numbers under oracle is slow new oracle performance Shai Berger Bug
#20423 Template renderer does not parse numeric variables assigned number variable Deepak Bug
#20434 Have a template tag grammar instead of handling token/parser for every tag, and make it possible to introspect the grammar. assigned jonathanslenders New feature
#20456 Easier unit testing for class-based views new cbv test New feature
#20481 Provide official hooks for execution profiling new nobody New feature
#20487 oracle: case mixup causes ORA-00918: column ambiguously defined error assigned oracle ORA-00918 Shai Berger Bug
#20516 Allow use of prepared statements new db, prepared statement nobody New feature
#20535 Unnecessary join created for intermediate table between two M2M tables new nobody Bug
#20551 Duplicate fixture labels new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#20562 Docs: How to use django ORM with multiprocessing new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#20577 Make prefetch_related faster by lazily creating related querysets new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#20581 Support DEFERRABLE INITIALLY DEFERRED for UNIQUE constraints new db-indexes nobody New feature
#20589 contrib.auth.handlers.modwsgi fails for some backends new handlers, modwsgi nobody Bug
#20601 intcomma and floatformat internationalization error new internationalization, humanize, contrib, float, floatcomma New feature
#20605 Allow extending the default auth permissions new nobody New feature
#20611 Add reverse unique field new nobody New feature
#20629 Admonitions in custom User model documentation may be scaring off users assigned Keith Edmiston Cleanup/optimization
#20648 Template variable and loss of precision new nobody Bug
#20671 Custom backend get_user function is assumed to search by primary key new session, auth, custom nobody New feature
#20712 staticfiles and serving post-processed files through development server assigned Jannis Leidel New feature
#20744 Docs imply that forms.Field.__init__ accepts any keyword arguments new nobody Bug
#20749 Add validation for type of Field.choices arguments assigned ellisd23 New feature
#20752 Error signals are not reliable, especially when dealing with database errors assigned signals errors databaseError schacki Bug
#20757 A more Object-Oriented URLResolver assigned Marten Kenbeek New feature
#20768 Create a reference of public Manager methods new nobody New feature
#20775 Clarify the operator each database backend uses for text lookups (startswith, istartswith, contains, icontains, endswith and iendswith) new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#20799 Document how to use FastCGI via WSGI new nobody New feature
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