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#13247 GIS google-map.js maxHeight, dragCrossSize options new nobody New feature
#13251 Add ability to know where an object was deleted from to pre/post delete signals signals new nobody New feature
#13291 Allow `color_style()` and `parse_color_setting()` to be used with custom colour palettes. management command customize color roles new nobody New feature
#13295 Add a Meta.sequence option to models sequence last_id postgresql new nobody New feature
#13296 order_with_respect_to fails to correctly track _order after deleting entries new nobody Bug
#13313 Custom Default Manager with extra __init__ arguments fails if model is used in a ManyToManyField ManyToManyField, Manager new nobody Bug
#13327 FileField/ImageField accessor methods throw unnecessary exceptions when they are blank or null. new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#13339 Date(Time)Field.to_python() fails to parse localized month names i18n l10n new nobody Bug
#13369 Should be easier to add a MultipleChoice for reverse relationships on ModelAdmins new nobody New feature
#13376 Messages should have an "expire" flag messages, expire new New feature
#13427 verbose_name and verbose_name_plural is untranslated on autogenerated m2m models verbose_name new ramiro Bug
#13528 db_table truncation is applied based on the properties of the default database new Bug
#13539 The delete confirmation page does not check for object-level permissions when building the related list delete object-level permissions new Bug
#13559 Need a contextprocessor for current site assigned chrismedrela New feature
#13564 Provide class attributes for form fields assigned trebor74hr New feature
#13570 SMTP backend should try harder to figure out the local host name assigned sernin Bug
#13614 selectfilter2 many to many widget data loss with browser issues new julien Bug
#13637 Generic Relations don't work correctly on a non-default database alias multi-db, truncation new Bug
#13659 Made the request accessible in callables used in ModelAdmin.list_display [PATCH] new nobody New feature
#13664 Enable admin permission checks from outside the ModelAdmin [PATCH] new nobody New feature
#13666 Updates with F objects on decimal fields raise MySQL warnings new nobody Bug
#13677 wrong backend with multidb and modelformset new dgouldin Bug
#13680 loaddata should issue a warning when attempting to load data using an unknown serialization format even when it is unspecified new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#13750 ImageField accessing height or width and then data results in "I/O operation on closed file" assigned aethemba Bug
#13751 Avoid open redirect issue with whitelist open redirect, security new nobody New feature
#13757 Signal inconsistency between auto_created and manually defined intermediate models for m2m fields m2m signals new nobody Bug
#13764 i18n in custom javascript new nobody New feature
#13768 Bug in Django ORM when filtering with 'in' lookup and None in values list (1.1.x and 1.2.x) None, NULL, in, postgres, postgresql new nobody Bug
#13771 ForeignKey and Many2Many validation fails between databases multidb assigned andrewsk Bug
#13774 add optional rel_db_type() method for model field db, ForeignKey, related fields new Suor New feature
#13793 reverse of OneToOne relation should use default manager if use_for_related_fields specified new nobody Bug
#13809 FileField open method is only accepting 'rb' modes new Bug
#13841 Allow context processors access to current version of context assigned copelco New feature
#13842 XViewMiddleware fails with django.contrib.syndication.views.Feed middleware class-based-views new mk Bug
#13871 contrib.admin:list_editable - ForeignKey performance is O(m*n) list_editable, admin, ForeignKey, admin efficiency new nobody New feature
#13875 cannot customize admin submit_row assigned dArignac New feature
#13878 Formset validation refactoring and valid_forms property of fieldsets new nobody New feature
#13879 method_decorator doesn't supports decorators with arguments sprintnov13, decorators new New feature
#13883 SelectBox.js with grouping (optgroup elements) admin, SelectBox, optgroup, sprintdec2010 new nobody Bug
#13896 Change language to dynamic attribute in syndication feed generator assigned jasonkotenko New feature
#13906 REPEATABLE READ (as used by default on MySQL) breaks atleast QuerySet.get_or_create(). mysql transaction isolation new Cleanup/optimization
#13910 Add generator version of Template.render(Context) assigned mindsocket New feature
#13917 Multiple popup window feature of related objects popup through id_to_windowname new nobody New feature
#13926 GeometryCollections are not visible in OSMGeoAdmin new nobody Bug
#13936 django-admin makemessages generates PO files with an incorrect path to source code files new nobody Bug
#13960 abstract file upload/download handling new nobody New feature
#13965 psycopg2 throws an "can't adapt" error on ugettext_lazy translated strings new nobody Bug
#13978 Allow inline js/css in forms.Media sprintdec2010 assigned dmpayton New feature
#14009 custom formset validation documentation is incomplete formset validation new nobody Bug
#14035 Cannot access POST after request.encoding was set to a custom value assigned zimnyx Bug
#14039 FileField special-casing breaks MultiValueField including a FileField sprintSep2010 new carljm Bug
#14063 Validating form file fields is hard new nobody New feature
#14087 only sees commands in the last package of a namespace package new nobody Bug
#14094 Cannot define CharField with unlimited length new nobody New feature
#14096 Insert code generated by models using multiple inheritance is incorrect and fails in postgresql orm new nobody Bug
#14098 Add "--skip" option to inspectdb. inspectdb new nobody New feature
#14129 Slovenian translation plural-forms new jezdez Bug
#14131 The pagination module should have some limit, or a warning should be given in the documentation new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#14174 Support for string interpolation in lazy translation new nobody New feature
#14196 Objects that come from something_set, should have their parent object filled in new nobody New feature
#14200 new RegexURLResolver is contructed for every request performance, urlresolvers new Suor Cleanup/optimization
#14204 Take advantage of SQLite support for FK constraints sqlite, foreign key new nobody New feature
#14217 Fieldname cannot be the same as the Modelname when using model inheritance model inheritance, ORM assigned niall Bug
#14284 Support for Google Maps version 3 Google Maps new New feature
#14286 Support for BigAutoField new mmcnickle New feature
#14287 TEST_MIRROR is not respected in routers new nobody Bug
#14296 ' test' failing for apps that access read-only databases new nobody Bug
#14297 Accessing settings.FOO in hot spots cause performance problems settings, performance new Cleanup/optimization
#14317 numberformat.format produces wrong results Localization, number formatting assigned lukenio Bug
#14336 list_display should be able to contain sortable references to extra and/or annotated fields assigned bahoo New feature
#14357 Prevent innapropriate order-based grouping on values+annotate queries new Bug
#14365 Make template-rendering signals available also in DEBUG mode new carljm New feature
#14368 Reverse relation attribute for OneToOneField fails when set to None OneToOneField, bug new nobody Bug
#14370 Adding support for Autocomplete in contrib.admin autocomplete, jquery, javascript, widgets, admin new nobody New feature
#14402 help_text is not displayed for ManyToMany raw_id fields raw_id_fields new nobody Bug
#14408 Admin Error when subclassing ContentType for generic Relations new nobody Bug
#14411 Inline delete not prompting cascade delete warning new nobody Bug
#14476 annotate, default aggregation naming and filter annoyance annotate, FieldError new ramiro Bug
#14485 New Site.root field new nobody New feature
#14518 Field.to_python not called on foreign key IDs new nobody Bug
#14586 Make interpolate JS function not require the named parameter. new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#14601 ValuesQuerySet join types not being promoted ValuesQuerySet promote_alias new nobody Bug
#14628 Document which settings can be changed at runtime settings django.conf new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#14642 save_as=True and generic inline in admin gives IndexError save_as generic inline new nobody Bug
#14645 Exclude query with multiple conditions for the same multi-value relation not correct exclude manytomany new nobody Bug
#14660 Using a CheckboxSelectMultiple widget on a M to M field in Admin causes 'SelectBox is not defined' JS error in RelatedObjectLookups.js new nobody Bug
#14671 Allow overriding of ModelChoiceField.choices sprintdec2010 new nobody Bug
#14688 BaseInlineFormSet does not support "auto_id" formsets new nobody Bug
#14705 Model Field Order not influenced by MRO of superclasses new nobody New feature
#14716 filter_horizontal and filter_vertical don't work on mobile Safari new nobody Bug
#14722 @last_modified should ignore lack of etag method when USE_ETAGS is enabled new nobody Bug
#14760 Admin inlines with file/image field fails to save_as new nobody Bug
#14761 URL resolving / reversing design doesn't allow alternate specs url resolve reverse new nobody New feature
#14808 i18n is not safe. new nobody Bug
#14810 Admin inline templates need blocks template, block, inheritance new DrMeers New feature
#14831 Django Template Style Guide template, style, format new nobody New feature
#14832 Impossible to create inline objects if form validates but is unchanged sprintdec2010 new nobody Bug
#14844 i18n blocktrans tag pluralization feature limited by gettext constraints and shared local tag context new nobody Bug
#14845 Document connection-creation process new nobody New feature
#14887 select_related() does not work with Proxy models and multi-table inheritance proxy select_related inheritance new nobody New feature
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