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#24702 Cache Query objects when possible new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#24709 ArrayField doesn't support .update() and F() objects postgresql contrib arrayfield update new nobody New feature
#24711 Allow flush management command to drop tables and re-run migrations new nobody New feature
#24715 Migration's alter_db_table does not rename Oracle sequences and triggers. migrations oracle rename table new nobody Bug
#24721 Add "test extensions" (e.g. something similar to mail.outbox for messages) new nobody New feature
#24723 Migration writer errors should be more informative Migrations, Exceptions new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#24726 ArrayField with IntegerRangeField as base field generates invalid SQL on Insert operations new Bug
#24727 ClearableFileInput masks useful exceptions in is_initial() new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#24747 Allow transforms in order_by new nobody New feature
#24749 contribute_to_class(virtual_only=True) is ignored new nobody Bug
#24754 Implementation of global permissions new nobody New feature
#24759 Add or document a way to test data migrations migrations new nobody New feature
#24762 Proxy models with children which inherit from the proxy cannot select_related said children new nobody Bug
#24767 Add GREATEST and LEAST Query Expressions new Ian-Foote New feature
#24778 Data Migration from Fixture new nobody New feature
#24781 incorrect command in doc: Applications new nobody Bug
#24782 Add TestCase.assertFormValid forms assigned delgiudices New feature
#24787 Cannot assign a ForeignKey field with blank=True and null=False in Model.clean() new nobody New feature
#24793 Subtracting DateTime fields in a query expression should use timediff datetime duration expression new nobody New feature
#24800 Add logging of applied/unapplied migrations assigned MarkusH New feature
#24803 Collected SQL does not respect empty strings as params when formatting result sql new nobody Bug
#24810 Reopen database connection automatically when no transaction is active new nobody New feature
#24816 Clarify docs about preventing duplicate signals signals new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#24822 Autodetector crashes on add/removal of tzinfo from DateTimeField default new nobody Bug
#24849 Broken squashmigration when model related to another one gets deleted new nobody Bug
#24854 Clean up django.db.models.query._values() new Cleanup/optimization
#24855 Allow the use of django.contrib.auth.login without credentials (authentication) assigned poiati New feature
#24858 Add support for get_foo_display() with ArrayField assigned asser New feature
#24863 Make `django.db.models.Manager.from_queryset` copy over properties and not just methods new New feature
#24865 Add a feature to programmatically remove stale content types stale contenttypes assigned timgraham New feature
#24870 Create --update flag for makemigrations management command, mimicking South's one. migrations, south new nobody New feature
#24871 Textarea widget has redundant \r\n when writing XHTML textarea, widget new nobody Bug
#24886 Add process_lhs() method for Transform new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#24900 KeyError when trying to migrate to a replaced migration new nobody Bug
#24901 makemigrations should create empty migrations dir for any installed app without it new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#24920 Database type NUMERIC with no parameters is not supported oracle new nobody New feature
#24928 Add UUIDField, RangeField, etc to database introspection new nobody New feature
#24931 404 error for "Views by namespace admin" at Admin Docs Admin, AdminDocs assigned benmcnelly Bug
#24932 Add Cast database function assigned Ian-Foote New feature
#24933 Make FormSet management forms optional new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#24938 Add support for pg_trgm to contrib.postgres new New feature
#24941 Add get_exclude() hook to BaseModelAdmin assigned olasitarska New feature
#24945 Add support for fuzzystrmatch to contrib.postgres new New feature
#24947 Move admin changelist filters into a separate class (Mixin) admin changelist filter new nanuxbe New feature
#24949 Force to_field and probably other fields to unicode during migration deconstruction new nobody Bug
#24954 Adding an explicit UUID id doesn't change type of ManyToMany fields pointing to it ManyToMany, UUID new nobody Bug
#24959 date_interval_sql Implementations for Database Backends Do Not Handle Negative timedelta Objects Properly date_interval_sql, timedelta, F, orm new nobody Bug
#24964 Infinite migrations with empty help_text via ugettext_lazy migrations, internationalisation assigned coldmind Bug
#24974 Cannot create subclass of form created by `modelform_factory()`, e.g. in `ModelAdmin.get_form()` form modelform modelform_factory modeladmin get_site metaclass modelformmetaclass new nobody Bug
#24975 Add the ability to prefetch_related() from a model instance new nobody New feature
#24976 admin.TabularInline custom form field header displaying as None on admin page TabularInline assigned matiasb Bug
#24977 Template variables with a value of None are considered to be == to non-existent properties string, if, equivalence new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#24980 Calendar selector for DateField defaults to wrong date when timezone is missmatching new nobody Bug
#24987 django.test.client.Client.login() rejects user with is_active=False new nobody Bug
#24989 Introduce contributor facing documentation for django.db.migrations assigned MarkusH New feature
#24991 Range types not properly converted to SQL in QuerySet.query.__str__() new Bug
#24994 Document/check that settings.SECRET_KEY should be a valid unicode string assigned sarthakmeh03 Cleanup/optimization
#24995 MySQL error when renaming a primary key rename mysql error new nobody Bug
#24996 Reimplement the DatabaseFeatures.supports_select_related flag new nobody Bug
#25003 schema.tests.SchemaTests.test_alter_implicit_id_to_explicit fails when run in isolation on MySQL new nobody Bug
#25004 Add an OpenLayers 3 compatible map widget new nobody New feature
#25005 DateField, DateTimeField defaults needed even when auto_now=True DateField, DateTimeField, TimeField assigned coldmind Bug
#25006 Allow for custom Time shortcut in DateTimeShortCuts.js new nobody New feature
#25012 Migration doesn't seem to detect foreignKey type changes postgres, migrations new nobody Bug
#25020 Provide/log related args (SQL query, params, proc) with database errors new nobody New feature
#25022 collectstatic create self-referential symlink new nobody Bug
#25024 Discrepancy between /admin/ DateTimePicker.js date format and SHORT_DATE_FORMAT in /en/ lang new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25044 Renaming a ManyToManyField's through table creates a broken migration new Bug
#25049 Oracle constraints case sensitivity Oracle constraints migration case new nobody Bug
#25060 Add support for str(timedelta) representation in parse_duration new nobody New feature
#25063 makemigrations: display full path of migrations file new nobody New feature
#25068 Metaclass conflict when doing createmigrations in ModelState.render metaclass conflict createmigrations new nobody Bug
#25091 Array field equality lookup fails with ProgrammingError new Bug
#25100 Document how to avoid ""RuntimeError: Error creating new content types." when upgrading to 1.8 (skipping 1.7) contentype migration new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25104 Documentation assumes that there's a httpd.conf assigned slick666 Cleanup/optimization
#25105 Migrating multiple CharFields to null=False breaks on PostgreSQL new nobody Bug
#25109 MigrationLoader.load_disk hides ImportError for invalid MIGRATION_MODULES new nobody Bug
#25127 document how to define models in multiple modules new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25132 Document how to retrieve a single value using values_list() and get() assigned donaldharvey Cleanup/optimization
#25139 ModelFormSet: allow swapping unique values new nobody New feature
#25143 ArrayField should implement from_db_value() new Bug
#25154 Add tips on debugging migration failures new nobody New feature
#25165 Move JavaScript calls out of HTML to fix JavaScript "no-script-eval" warnings assigned zedr Cleanup/optimization
#25167 Provide option to disable ajax text/plain response in technical_500_response new nobody New feature
#25169 Document "stacking" of login_required and permission_required new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25170 assertXMLEqual fails when white space is present outside XML fragment test assigned quamilek Bug
#25173 Model inheritance and select_related ORM, select_related, model inheritance new nobody Bug
#25177 Filter reference field on model to a date difference raise a TypeError new nobody Bug
#25181 Move views.generic.dates.timezone_today() to utils.timezone assigned kswiat New feature
#25187 Make request available in authentication backends new nobody New feature
#25192 Can't Squash Migration that uses migrations.RunPython.noop in Python2 new nobody Bug
#25195 update_or_create doesn't understand F() operations new nobody New feature
#25197 Add a more friendly widget for HStoreField widget assigned funkybob New feature
#25201 Allow use_for_related_fields via as_manager() assigned andersonresende New feature
#25203 Document changes to WSGI application loading sequence in 1.7 wsgi setup application loading new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25223 Allow default language to be one unsupported by django if the local project has the required translation catalog new nobody New feature
#25227 Promote modifying form.instance directly instead of using assigned candeira Cleanup/optimization
#25230 Change to Query.get_count() causes big performance hit new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25232 Make the ModelBackend authentication backend reject inactive users new nobody New feature
#25236 Remove ifequal from the template language new nobody Cleanup/optimization
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