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#26530 Batch operations on large querysets new nobody New feature
#26539 Using Annotation As Update Parameter Generates Invalid SQL assigned PREMANAND Bug
#26551 Django ORM generates invalid PostgreSQL query with Inverted Q() object that crosses relations Q(), postgreSQL new nobody Bug
#26552 `TransactionTestCase.serialized_rollback` fails to restore objects due to ordering constraints new nobody Bug
#26556 set_language with i18n_patterns doesn't work all the time new nobody Bug
#26562 Introduce Storage and FileSystemStorage alternate save behaviour file FileField storage overwrite filepath new nobody New feature
#26565 Allow Prefetch query to use .values() prefetch, values new nobody New feature
#26583 Add an option to silence collectstatic clashing files warnings new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26591 Incorrect Manifest Keys for ManifestStaticFilesStorage on Windows staticfiles manifest manifeststaticfileststorage windows new nobody Bug
#26602 Provide a way to manage grouping with RawSQL QuerySet.extra new nobody New feature
#26605 Abstract model inheriting concrete model crashes migrations new Bug
#26607 Add a hook to customize the admin's formsets parameters admin inline formset initial new nobody New feature
#26608 Add a window function expression assigned Mads Jensen New feature
#26615 Changing user's email could invalidate password reset tokens assigned Ross Curzon-Butler Cleanup/optimization
#26619 BaseCache incr method will reset the timeout cache, incr, DatabaseCache, BaseCache new nobody Bug
#26624 Error when running sqlmigrate after dropping index (of index_together) without actually migrating sqlmigrate db-indexes new <default> Bug
#26626 Update decorator_from_middleware to work with new-style middleware assigned Carl Meyer New feature
#26630 Defered constraint checks flush after `post_delete` signal new nobody Bug
#26634 Add the ability to do subselects for querying versioned data QuerySet.extra new nobody New feature
#26650 Automatically apply Cast based on output_field output_field expression query annotate aggregate new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26651 Keep uploaded file suffix for TemporaryUploadedFile new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26659 Allow filtering of which tests run tests new nobody New feature
#26661 Why not using AppConfig's name attribute instead of app_name in new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26678 Document that ManyRelatedManager.add()/remove() can take primary keys add ManyToMany new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26682 Support Oracle 12c identity columns Oracle new nobody New feature
#26683 Oracle DBs: Add option to use VARCHAR2 data type Oracle new nobody New feature
#26688 Inconsistent logging of 5xx and 4xx requests to django.request assigned Sergio Oliveira Bug
#26708 Update the contributing tutorial to use GitHub workflow new Cleanup/optimization
#26714 Add examples for KMLSitemap and KMZSitemap sitemaps, KMLSitemap new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26720 migration optimizer can produce operations that references removed models under certain circumstances assigned Sergey Fedoseev Bug
#26721 Document redirecting dumpdata output may result in incorrect encoding in Windows PowerShell dumpdata loaddata new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26722 Django silently discarding the user-provided on_delete with GenericRelation new nobody Bug
#26739 Backward operation for RemoveField does not allow a default value in case the field is not null. assigned Markus Holtermann Bug
#26743 DeserializationError local variable 'pk' referenced before assignment (which hides real error) new nobody Bug
#26755 test_middleware_classes_headers fails when django files aren't writable new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26756 Changing of model's verbose_name does not change the names of the model's permissions permissions verbose_name migrate assigned Roman Hudec Bug
#26760 Delete nonexistent migrations from django_migrations table django_migrations squash migrations new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26761 Add 'help_text' property to methods in ModelAdmin.list_display assigned ducdetronquito New feature
#26763 Control rendering of add/change/delete_related admin buttons assigned Chris Clark New feature
#26769 Expose verbosity level in migrations new nobody New feature
#26780 Prefetch objects don't work with slices prefetch, slicing new nobody New feature
#26788 update of geometry field from the another one crashes assigned Sergey Fedoseev Bug
#26790 Move BaseUserManager.normalize_email() to AbstractUser normalize_email assigned Huynh Thanh Tam Cleanup/optimization
#26803 Add a statistics option to makemessages new nobody New feature
#26810 DATA_UPLOAD_MAX_NUMBER_FIELDS not taken into account in admin mass actions new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26813 ModelForm RadioSelect widget for foreign keys should not present a blank option if blank=False on the model modelform radiowidget assigned Dmitry Homenok Bug
#26817 Document downsides and alternatives of Jinja2 context processors 1.11 new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26819 Using a ArrayField on Meta.unique_together throws "unhashable type: 'list'" on validate_unique method assigned PREMANAND Bug
#26822 New migrations not applied on clone databases (sqlite) when using --parallel and --keepdb option new nobody Bug
#26823 auth signal receiver update_last_login not compatible with custom user models that have no last_login field new nobody Bug
#26827 "ModelState.fields cannot refer to a model class ... Use a string reference instead." when using custom model field derived from ManyToMany assigned Zaheer Soebhan Cleanup/optimization
#26834 MinValueValidator/MaxValueValidator not forwarded to form field for ModelForm MaxValueValidator, MinValueValidator, ModelForm, IntegerField assigned Sagar Nilesh Shah Bug
#26836 Allow applications to register links in the admin interface assigned Luis Del Giudice New feature
#26886 TECHNICAL_404_TEMPLATE logs an "Exception while resolving variable" warning new None Cleanup/optimization
#26903 support date and timestamp containment within postgres range field rangefield assigned felixxm Bug
#26906 Factor out an AlterFooTogether operation from AlterUnique/IndexTogether assigned Akshesh Doshi Cleanup/optimization
#26911 RedirectView failing silently on NoReverseMatch is confusing new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26936 Stale content type deletion stops working if all models in an app are deleted new nobody Bug
#26962 docs: Missing Information about Transaction in Operations (migrations) new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26967 add support for GIS functions added in MySQL 5.7.5 (AsGeoJSON, GeoHash and IsValid) assigned Sergey Fedoseev New feature
#26974 Support for Hash indexes db-indexes assigned Akshesh Doshi New feature
#26975 Unclear documentation: use of paths with loaddata new nobody Bug
#26977 Instantiating an abstract model with a string ForeignKey fails with TypeError: isinstance() arg 2 must be a class, type, or tuple of classes and types new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#26982 Allow easy removal of "novalidate" in admin new nobody New feature
#26993 Increase the length of the User model's last_name field to 100 characters assigned Thom Wiggers Cleanup/optimization
#27021 Add explicit support for Q object annotations new New feature
#27029 Make EmailValidator accept non-ASCII characters assigned Wout De Puysseleir Cleanup/optimization
#27055 Model form with geometry widgets has invalid html assigned Antonis Christofides Bug
#27060 Take indexes into account in inspectdb command db-indexes inspectdb new New feature
#27064 Implement RenameIndex in a backwards compatible way new nobody New feature
#27074 connection.is_usable() raises AttributeError after the connection is closed assigned Chris Jerdonek Cleanup/optimization
#27079 Refactor LiveServerPort.test_port_bind() not to call setUpClass() twice assigned Chris Jerdonek Bug
#27080 `as_manager` on QuerySet should pass down `use_in_migrations` to new Manager instance new nobody Bug
#27086 running servers.tests may hang in parallel mode on Mac OS X new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27090 pg_get_serial_sequence is broken on postgres, use a lookup in information_schema.columns instead postgres sequence new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27095 Queries involving postgres Array fields can't include expressions as elements new Bug
#27106 Document which template filters can be used in Python code (and how) assigned Burhan Khalid Cleanup/optimization
#27109 Make Flatpage swappable new nobody New feature
#27130 Allow using the DjangoTemplates engine without configuring settings new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27135 Standardise type value returned by introspection.get_constraints for indexes introspection db-indexes 1.11 new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27141 makemigrations fails with PermissionDenied on django_migrations new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27147 Add support for defining bounds in postgres range fields postgres range bounds new New feature
#27150 Document that a name should be provided when wrapping file-like objects that don't have one with File new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27157 AdminForm may crash if model_admin argument is None new nobody Bug
#27160 Document that running the Django test suite requires creating the databases and, on PostgresQL, a superuser new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27161 TypedChoiceField fails to validate properly when used with ArrayField TypedChoiceField new nobody Bug
#27164 Database routers examples could be more realistic multiple databases docs new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27176 django.setup() should raise an exception instead of hanging on re-entrant calls app-loading new nobody Bug
#27201 Django 1.10 with STATICFILES_STORAGE breaks on absolute path in CSS with double slash new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27202 Investigate RenameMethodsBase effect on yaml serialization yaml new nobody Bug
#27222 Refresh fields that are expressions after new nobody New feature
#27225 Cache-Control's max-age doesn't match Expires for responses taken from cache assigned Rinat Khabibiev Bug
#27229 Allow using aggregates in ModelAdmin.list_display assigned Dor New feature
#27234 Clarify the type of the django.server logger's 'request' extra context django.request runserver WSGIRequest socket new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27236 Deprecate Model.Meta.index_together in favour of Model.Meta.indexes index_together assigned Olivier Tabone Cleanup/optimization
#27241 Annotate doesn't work with PostgreSQL views anymore postgresql view aggregate annotate new Bug
#27272 Add a on_delete RESTRICT handler to allow cascading deletions while protecting direct ones assigned Daniel Izquierdo New feature
#27303 Selecting multiple admin list_filters across relations return results that don't match both filters filterspec new nobody Bug
#27308 BytesWarning exception raised when running with python 3 -bb option new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#27316 Multiple LiveServerTestCase subclasses cannot reuse the same port new nobody Bug
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