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#25251 Inconsistent availability of data migrations in TransactionTestCase when using --keepdb new nobody Bug
#25253 MySQL migrations drop & recreate constraints unnecessarily when changing attributes that don't affect the schema migrations m2m mysql new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25255 Squashed migration is not marked as unapplied new nobody Bug
#25264 Misleading list of options available for commands new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25265 DB Backend cannot specify query class. new nobody New feature
#25276 AlterField should raise an error when referenced field doesn't exist new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25277 Remove python3-memcached from test dependencies new timgraham Cleanup/optimization
#25281 Permission strings don't uniquely identify permissions new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25287 Multiplying and dividing connectors for datetime expressions are not supported by sqlite backed. sqlite3, combine_duration_expression, F expressions, assigned caioariede New feature
#25298 Forbid QuerySet filtering by a related field that expects a single value when multiple values are returned assigned Y3K Cleanup/optimization
#25306 Allow a limit_choices_to callable to accept the current model instance new nobody New feature
#25307 Cannot use .annotate with conditional expressions new nobody Bug
#25313 Document how to migrate from a built-in User model to a custom User model new nobody New feature
#25342 Altitude of Point object for equality check geodjango, equality new nobody Bug
#25361 Unpickling of QuerySet fails in presence of abstract intermediate model new nobody Bug
#25367 Allow expressions in .filter() calls new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25370 Error display when makemigrations' field serializing fails with ValueError assigned awwester Cleanup/optimization
#25387 ModelAdmin actions don't get access to the ActionForm new nobody New feature
#25388 Allow disabling of all migrations during tests new viciu New feature
#25406 _create_test_db hides errors like 'source database "template1" is being accessed by other users' with --keepdb new nobody Bug
#25408 Pass additional arguments to BaseForm.__init__ from BaseModelForm.__init__ form modelform args new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25409 Allow url and groups of urls to be easily tagged and selected assigned atul-bhouraskar New feature
#25414 invalid annotate query for mysql when primary key is included mysql, annotate new nobody Bug
#25415 Make DiscoverRunner run system checks new nobody New feature
#25418 URL Validator to check only hostname part without domain nor tld new nobody New feature
#25425 Enforce calling resolve_expression before as_sql on all expressions new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25444 Restructure expressions documentation to better highlight ORM support new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25446 Can't use PostGIS function ST_OrderingEquals with GeoDjango new nobody New feature
#25456 Make GenericIPAddressField normalize IPv4 addresses ipaddress, ipv4, database, normalization new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25464 Allow skipping IN clause on prefetch queries new nobody New feature
#25467 Excluding an object with no ID excludes everything. assigned HuffAndPuff Bug
#25475 Database function strftime with argument %W fails in 1.9a1 func strftime new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25476 Use pg_catalog tables to introspect constraints psycopg2 fetchall inspectdb permissions new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25477 Modelbase.__new__ causes `AppRegistryNotReady` new nobody Bug
#25484 static template tag outputs invalid HTML if storage class's url() returns a URI with '&' characters. new nobody Bug
#25492 warn about migrations mixing schema- and data- changing operations new nobody New feature
#25493 Model instances created with unittest.mock can raise confusing errors new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25504 Django test teardown fails when there is no default database assigned mihaicc Bug
#25507 Can't count when using annotate(field=RawSQL(sql)) when sql is a constant RawSQL filter ORM sql new nobody Bug
#25513 Refactor the admin paginator customizations to make them reuseable paginator assigned sasha0 New feature
#25524 Evaluate handle_spheroid removal in get_distance method 2.0 new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25530 Deferred SQL operations fail when a referenced table or column is renamed during the same migration new nobody Bug
#25534 Allow using datetime lookups in QuerySets aggregate calls new nobody New feature
#25540 Reusing databases doesn't work on PostgreSQL for migrations tests new nobody Bug
#25541 Improve error reporting when loading invalid JSON fixtures JSON fixture error new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25569 Add a friendly error report when using select_related() on a reverse relation new nobody New feature
#25582 Add a way to build URLs with query strings new nobody New feature
#25590 Allow fields to set join class new nobody New feature
#25591 Cannot QuerySet.update DateRangeField using F() expressions new nobody New feature
#25594 Difficult to customize model field default_validators and have them used on both model and form fields new nobody New feature
#25595 Invalid regexp in URLValidator can't handle file:// schemes new nobody Bug
#25598 Add support for SCRIPT_NAME in STATIC_URL and MEDIA_URL script_name, static_url, media_url new nobody New feature
#25600 Template `if` tag behavior change with 1.8, OneToOneField, RelatedObjectDoesNotExist is True? new nobody Bug
#25605 GIS functions don't work with left-hand-side expressions assigned sir-sigurd Bug
#25612 django.contrib.auth should include support for 2fa out of the box new nobody New feature
#25616 Add note regarding missing dependencies on LookupError for migrations assigned nip3o Cleanup/optimization
#25617 Disallow usernames that differ only in case in UserCreationForm assigned nmundar Cleanup/optimization
#25619 Make runserver use HTTP 1.1 new nobody New feature
#25624 Autoreload fails if jinja2.ModuleLoader used autoreload, jinja2, ModuleLoader new nobody Bug
#25633 GeoDjango KyngChaos installation instructions are outdated new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25643 Allow update() with aggregates and joins via subqueries new nobody New feature
#25650 `GEOSGeomerty.__eq__` should use `equals` not `equals_exact` assigned sir-sigurd Cleanup/optimization
#25656 Recent Actions admin section contains link to edit form even when user does not have edit permission assigned bak1an Bug
#25678 migrate scalar to array field in PostrgreSQL fails PostgreSQL, ArrayField new nobody Bug
#25701 Add warning to an admin list_view if too many queries are being used assigned jacinda New feature
#25703 Create topic documentation for Expressions assigned thatdocslady Cleanup/optimization
#25704 Response time in WSGIRequestHandler.log_request assigned andreif New feature
#25705 Parameters are not adapted or quoted in Query.__str__ assigned Stranger6667 Cleanup/optimization
#25706 Support CSP default-src 'self' on Django Admin GIS CSP inline javascript new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25707 Use py.test for internal testing new nobody New feature
#25708 cannot annotate with geometry value assigned sir-sigurd Bug
#25712 Template overview documentation is not very approachable assigned jbzdak Cleanup/optimization
#25713 Create an alternative tutorial targeted at those familar with HTML/CSS rather than Python new nobody New feature
#25718 Can’t use queries with JSON ’null’ values with JSONField assigned Stranger6667 Bug
#25741 Make 'request' available to syndication.Feed methods syndication, request assigned alexmorozov Cleanup/optimization
#25751 Translation of strings in a javascript file: Docs seem to be incorrect javascript translation new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25753 Cache formats retrieved from django settings in formats.get_format new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25754 Queryset repr is not displayed on IPython >= 3.0 REPL if a NotImplementedError is raised distinct new nobody Bug
#25756 ArrayField does not work with FileField new Bug
#25762 Optimize numberformat.format new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25765 makemigrations and app_label are incompatible new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25782 Discourage usage of cache_page decorator with UpdateCacheMiddleware (or make middleware ignore decorated views) new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25788 Enable the cached template loader when DEBUG=False if no loaders are explicitly configured assigned harrislapiroff New feature
#25789 Inefficient Queries Generated due to not using WHERE EXISTS QuerySet.extra new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25790 Add a way to disable column sorting in the admin sorting ordering change list changelist admin assigned sasha0 New feature
#25791 Implement autoreload behaviour for cached template loader autoreload templates cached loader new nobody New feature
#25809 PostgreSQL 9.5 BRIN Index support in contrib.postgres postgres, index, BRIN new New feature
#25817 Unable to rename a field reference in foreign key 'to_field' to_field rename new nobody Bug
#25857 DateTimeShortcuts.js could try and consume all DATE_INPUT_FORMATS. calendar new nobody New feature
#25862 LazyObject doesn't support multiprocessing on Python 2 py2 new nobody Bug
#25866 Django migrations not picking up max_length change on FileField new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25872 Add a trans/blocktrans option to force HTML escaping assigned sasha0 New feature
#25873 GEOSGEometry handles srid parameter differently for EWKB and EWKT input assigned sir-sigurd Bug
#25874 allow GEOSGeometry to read SRID from GeoJSON input assigned sir-sigurd New feature
#25880 Forms created by formset_factory's extra parameter don't have instance set new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25884 migrate --run-syncdb doesn't work when specifying a database syncdb, migrations new nobody Bug
#25887 Clarify support for ForeignKey and form fields other than ModelChoiceField ModelForm, ForeignKey new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25889 Organize tests in tests/queries new nobody Cleanup/optimization
#25898 test database creation on Oracle mistakes privilege error for existing database oracle test new nobody Bug
#25902 Add system check for project-wide database table name conflicts new nobody New feature
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