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#24386 Querysets with filters and exclusions based on deep relations build invalid queries new nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM)
#24394 Running tests fails when DATABASES['default'] = {} new nobody Bug Testing framework
#24396 Migrate only required models to the "other" database new nobody Cleanup/optimization Testing framework
#24407 Initial migration fails if app name has upper-case letters on Oracle new nobody Bug Migrations
#24412 Red migration notice should be printed when running tests without --verbosity=2 new nobody New feature Migrations
#24417 Add ModelAdmin.get_list_select_related() new nobody New feature contrib.admin
#24419 Provide an easy way to test email connection new nobody New feature Core (Mail)
#24420 Can't order_by annotated field if annotated field uses conditional expression assigned jarshwah Bug Uncategorized
#24421 Querying a reverse ForeignObject relation using exclude() fails new nobody Bug Database layer (models, ORM)
#24423 Combine i18n template tag tests? new nobody Cleanup/optimization Internationalization
#24426 Admin actions panel is always hidden if show_full_result_count = False new nobody Bug contrib.admin
#24428 Model field with default=callable and choices is always reported as changed new nobody Bug Forms
#24429 Revise docs regarding non-int primary key on custom user models new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation
#24432 Documentation: M2M through attribute is underspecified new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation
#24434 Django Custom Field inherits ForeignKey deconstruct() fails new nobody Bug Migrations
#24435 Removing blank=True, null=True from ManyToMany field causes data deletion in migration new nobody Bug Migrations
#24441 core.files.images.get_image_dimensions broken on invalid images new nobody Bug Core (Other)
#24442 Index name truncation is odd new nobody Bug Migrations
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