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#8065 Calling queyset.in_bulk (without any arguments) should evaluate the whole queryset. assigned bxm156 New feature Database layer (models, ORM) master
#25321 Make it clear that django.db.backends.schema messages (which can propogate to django.db.backends) don't include 'duration' assigned koxt Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.8
#25385 Allow importing django.views.generic.View from django.views.View assigned auvipy Cleanup/optimization Generic views master
#25556 Add DatePart db expression to allow complex lookups on date parts (e.g. year, month, day) assigned ryuusenshi New feature Database layer (models, ORM) 1.9a1
#25616 Add note regarding missing dependencies on LookupError for migrations assigned tmilan81 Cleanup/optimization Migrations master
#25687 Document how backends should monkey patch expressions assigned kristofclaes Cleanup/optimization Documentation master
#25697 Default error views shouldn't silence TemplateDoesNotExist errors if a custom template name was specified assigned yakky Cleanup/optimization Generic views master
#25717 Incorrect local language name for slovak language assigned andersonresende Bug Internationalization 1.8
#25778 Update docs links to use https assigned andersonresende Cleanup/optimization Documentation master
#22268 Document values_list() behavior for ManyToManyField new Cleanup/optimization Documentation master
#25104 Documentation assumes that there's a httpd.conf new Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.8
#25154 Add tips on debugging migration failures new nobody New feature Documentation master
#25274 inspectdb does not properly handle renamed fields for unique_together new Bug Core (Management commands) 1.8
#25672 Clarify why related ManyToMany fields with a custom intermediary model disable the remove() method. new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.8
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