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#14415 Multiple aliases for one database: testing problems new nobody Uncategorized Testing framework
#22268 Document values_list() behavior for ManyToManyField assigned psykrsna Cleanup/optimization Documentation
#25321 Make it clear that django.db.backends.schema messages (which can propogate to django.db.backends) don't include 'duration' assigned koxt Cleanup/optimization Documentation
#25687 Document how backends should monkey patch expressions assigned kristofclaes Cleanup/optimization Documentation
#26085 contenttypes.views.shortcut fails if a FK to Site returns None assigned jibaku Bug contrib.contenttypes
#26173 localize_input() shouldn't put thousands separator in boolean values assigned mmarksnippety Bug Utilities
#26181 Documentation: AJAX, CSRF and Angular assigned userimack Bug Documentation
#26182 Rewrite admindocs intro new nobody Bug Documentation
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