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#25104 Documentation assumes that there's a httpd.conf assigned slick666 Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.8
#24244 Document contrib.admin.models.LogEntry assigned sholleman New feature Documentation master
#25531 Document the fact that admin_order_field allows query lookups new rfleschenberg Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.8
#25170 assertXMLEqual fails when white space is present outside XML fragment assigned quamilek Bug Testing framework master
#25100 Document how to avoid ""RuntimeError: Error creating new content types." when upgrading to 1.8 (skipping 1.7) new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.8
#25154 Add tips on debugging migration failures new nobody New feature Documentation master
#25290 Warn against modifying objects created in setUpTestData new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.8
#25321 Make it clear that django.db.backends.schema messages (which can propogate to django.db.backends) don't include 'duration' new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.8
#25397 Warn of clash between generic view context variables and template context processor variables new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.8
#25473 Consistently use dashes instead of underscores in URL names new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation 1.8
#25526 Document how to output color from custom management commands new nobody Cleanup/optimization Documentation master
#25501 Filebased cache should use the highest pickling protocol assigned dudepare Bug Core (Cache system) master
#25132 Document how to retrieve a single value using values_list() and get() assigned donaldharvey Cleanup/optimization Documentation master
#25409 Allow url and groups of urls to be easily tagged and selected assigned @… New feature Core (URLs) master
#25274 inspectdb does not properly handle renamed fields for unique_together assigned andersonresende Bug Core (Management commands) 1.8
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