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#4363 Formpreview doesn't support newform's dynamic initial values new nobody New feature master
#7808 Form Preview does not work with file uploads new nobody New feature master
#8690 FormPreview should pass request to parse_params new nobody New feature master
#10810 FormWizard validates the last form twice new nobody Bug master
#16174 Class based view update for FormPreview new ryankask Cleanup/optimization 1.3
#19905 ResourceWarning in formtools tests new nobody Bug master
#19981 Pass request to WizardView.get_prefix new nobody New feature master
#20116 ValidationError in form wizard with formsets assigned foonicorn Bug 1.5
#21667 Allow dynamic form classes with WizardView new nobody New feature 1.6
#22389 contrib.formtools show errors while running test suite on windows new nobody Bug master
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