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#11154 Inconsistency with permissions for proxy models new Bug master
#13127 Template tag "perms" doesn't support object level permission checking new nobody New feature 1.2-beta
#15619 Logout link should be protected assigned Ramiro Morales Bug master
#17904 Custom permissions on proxy model no longer created new nobody Bug master
#18763 Shortcut to get users by permission assigned Berker Peksag New feature master
#20218 Default authorization backend returns False when queried for object level permissions assigned Mehmet Dogan Bug master
#20313 AnonymousUser should follow custom User implementation assigned thinkingpotato New feature
#20589 contrib.auth.handlers.modwsgi fails for some backends new nobody Bug 1.5
#20605 Allow extending the default auth permissions new nobody New feature master
#20671 Custom backend get_user function is assumed to search by primary key new nobody New feature 1.5
#20824 User Auth: A Complete Solution for Email Login Handling assigned Tim Anderegg New feature master
#21278 Using dumpdata to create unit test fixtures causes duplicate foreign keys for auth permissions. Excluding auth causes other referenced auth models to be missing. new nobody New feature 1.5
#21289 Add login rate limiting to contrib.auth new nobody New feature master
#21392 changepassword option to read from stdin assigned AeroNotix New feature master
#21837 auth.User Email - non-RFC spec case normalization new Bug 1.6
#22752 PasswordResetForm email context is missing current_app new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#23559 Staff (not superusers) should not manage perms of Users new New feature
#24754 Implementation of global permissions new nobody New feature master
#25281 Permission strings don't uniquely identify permissions new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#25612 django.contrib.auth should include support for 2fa out of the box new New feature master
#25617 Disallow usernames that differ only in case in UserCreationForm assigned Neven Munđar Cleanup/optimization master
#26401 Allow auth machinery to be used without installing auth app new Andrew Konoff New feature 1.9
#26445 Can't set password on User during migration that depends on contrib.auth new Markus Amalthea Magnuson Bug 1.9
#26615 Changing user's email could invalidate password reset tokens assigned Ross Curzon-Butler Cleanup/optimization master
#26756 Changing of model's verbose_name does not change the names of the model's permissions assigned Roman Hudec Bug master
#26790 Move BaseUserManager.normalize_email() to AbstractUser assigned Huynh Thanh Tam Cleanup/optimization master
#27489 Renaming a model doesn't rename the permission name and codename assigned Morgan Aubert Bug master
#27801 Make createsuperuser inspect environment variables for username and password assigned lsmag New feature master
#27807 Overriding username validators doesn't work as documented new nobody Bug 1.10
#28140 Add convenience method to add `Permission`s to a `User` new nobody New feature 1.11
#28216 Add next_page to LoginView assigned ThinkChaos New feature 1.11
#28588 User.has_perm() with superusers hides nonexistent permissions assigned moshe nahmias Cleanup/optimization 1.11
#28594 Value error on related user name during save of user model new nobody Bug 1.11
#28622 Allow password reset token to expire in under a day assigned Zach Liu Cleanup/optimization master
#28645 AuthenticationForm's inactive user error isn't raised when using ModelBackend new shangdahao Bug 1.11
#28667 Documentation for extending UserCreationForm doesn't work with UserAdmin assigned Bhavesh Praveen Cleanup/optimization 1.11
#28757 Allow using forms of contrib.auth without installing contrib.auth new shangdahao Cleanup/optimization 1.11
#28779 Customizing REDIRECT_FIELD_NAME is cumbersome new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.11
#28780 Allow customizing PasswordResetConfirmView's INTERNAL_RESET_URL_TOKEN assigned Tim G. New feature master
#29019 createsuperuser crashes if a ManyToManyField is in REQUIRED_FIELDS assigned Williams Mendez Bug 2.0
#29379 Add autocomplete attribute to contrib.auth fields new nobody New feature master
#29381 Move some parts of `django.contrib.auth.models` to `django.contrib.auth.base_user` for reusability new nobody New feature master
#29449 UserCreationForm and UserChangeForm don't work if username isn't a CharField new nobody Bug 2.1
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