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#7220 django.contrib.auth.models.AbstractBaseUser.last_login should allow null=True assigned anonymous Cleanup/optimization master
#7599 add get_user_permissions method to ModelBackend new New feature master
#8162 Increase max_length assigned wilsoniya Bug master
#10827 django.auth create_permissions must clear the content type cache before creating permissions new nobody Bug master
#11154 Inconsistency with permissions for proxy models assigned charettes Bug master
#12148 Don't use invalid backend from the Session to load the user in contrib.auth.get_user new nobody New feature master
#12233 Redirect logged in user assigned aaronbassett New feature
#12405 django.contrib.auth.views.logout() should support LOGOUT_REDIRECT_URL assigned bigkevmcd New feature 1.1
#13127 Template tag "perms" doesn't support object level permission checking new nobody New feature 1.2-beta
#15619 Logout link should be protected assigned ashchristopher Bug master
#15716 The has_perm() method of authorization backends should be able to explicitly deny permission new nobody New feature
#16860 Provide hooks for password policy new nobody New feature 1.3
#17209 Dogfood class-based views in contrib.auth new andrews Cleanup/optimization master
#17431 Allow PasswordResetForm subclasses full control over email message to send new nobody New feature master
#17903 `ModelBackend.get_all_permissions` returns permissions for inactive users new nobody Bug master
#17904 Custom permissions on proxy model no longer created new nobody Bug master
#18763 Shortcut to get users by permission assigned Osmose New feature master
#19043 Mutable Password Hash Strength new nobody New feature master
#19353 Make it easier to extend UserCreationForm for custom user models new nobody New feature 1.5-alpha-1
#20073 Provide API for creating User objects in tests new nobody New feature 1.5
#20218 Default authorization backend returns False when queried for object level permissions new nobody Bug 1.5
#20313 AnonymousUser should follow custom User implementation assigned thinkingpotato New feature
#20495 add login failure events to logger new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#20589 contrib.auth.handlers.modwsgi fails for some backends new nobody Bug 1.5
#20605 Custom base permissions new nobody New feature master
#20671 Custom backend get_user function is assumed to search by primary key new nobody New feature 1.5
#20705 Allow customizing the email field name for PasswordResetForm new nobody New feature master
#20824 User Auth: A Complete Solution for Email Login Handling assigned tanderegg New feature master
#21278 Using dumpdata to create unit test fixtures causes duplicate foreign keys for auth permissions. Excluding auth causes other referenced auth models to be missing. new nobody New feature 1.5
#21289 Add login rate limiting to contrib.auth new nobody New feature master
#21379 class AbstractUser: validators should compile re with Unicode new nobody Bug 1.5
#21392 changepassword option to read from stdin assigned AeroNotix New feature master
#21832 allow USERNAME_FIELD to be a ForeignKey new nobody New feature master
#21837 auth.User Email - non-RFC spec normalization new Bug 1.6
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