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#14760 Admin inlines with file/image field fails to save_as new nobody Bug 1.2
#14810 Admin inline templates need blocks new DrMeers New feature master
#14832 Impossible to create inline objects if form validates but is unchanged new nobody Bug 1.4
#15188 ellipsizing fields in list_display in admin new nobody New feature 1.2
#15220 replace SelectFilter2.js with a jQuery plugin new dbunskoek Cleanup/optimization master
#15231 Admin DateTimeShortcuts + Inlines performance new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#15522 delete_model on admin delete action new nobody New feature master
#15571 AdminSite index and app_index methods could include the model_admin in the model_dict new nobody New feature 1.2
#15602 Using get_readonly_fields and StackedInline/TabularInline admin objects doesn't allow creating new objects, immutible existing objects new nobody Bug 1.2
#15611 Readonly fields not hidden during create new Bug 1.2
#15665 Inline admins are broken when primary key is not an AutoField and not editable. new nobody Bug 1.2
#15759 list_editable should respect per-object permissions new nobody Bug 1.3
#15760 Feature: JS Hooks for Dynamic Inlines new New feature master
#15779 admin cannot edit records with value 'add' as primary key new nobody Bug 1.3
#15819 Admin searches should use distinct, if query involves joins new ryankask Bug master
#15859 Allow more precise placement of admin inlines new New feature 1.3
#15881 FilteredSelectMultiple does not respect order new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.3
#15910 show delete links for all admin inline formset rows new nobody New feature 1.3
#15935 Allow django admin filter to be hidable new nobody New feature 1.3
#16063 Problem with searching in m2m fields in inherited model new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.2
#16117 Provide decorators to easily mark functions/methods as list_display items or admin actions new nobody New feature
#16180 IGNORED_PARAMS customization new nobody New feature master
#16212 Improve multiple sort UX new nobody New feature master
#16260 Ability to change dismissRelatedLookupPopup on custom callback function assigned alekam New feature master
#16311 Option to limit list_filter to related_objects of instances of the list new nobody New feature 1.5
#16327 "save as new" redirects to list view instead of newly-created item new nobody Bug 1.3
#16465 Admin history view should also show history of super-object(s) new nobody New feature 1.3
#16521 Provide keyboard shortcuts in admin assigned anonymous New feature 1.3
#16730 serializing forms which use FilteredSelectMultiple new New feature 1.3
#16862 Admin delete-cascade check doesn't support per-object permissions new Bug master
#16915 contrib.admin should use a variable to select base_site template new nobody New feature master
#17034 'Invalid literal for int' using admin site called with invalid parameters for inherited models new nobody Bug 1.3
#17082 contrib.auth html should be updated to used HTML5 features where possible new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#17208 Dogfood class-based views in contrib.admin new Cleanup/optimization master
#17246 title localization new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.3
#17417 "Save as new" does not work when a ValidationError is raised new nobody Bug master
#17498 meta option "no_index" new nobody New feature
#17522 ModelAdmin.ordering validation too strict new nobody Bug master
#17577 Form instantiation hook for admin new simon29 New feature 1.3
#17642 min_num on admin inline formsets assigned asteinlein New feature
#17659 django_admin_log searches are slow new keeff Cleanup/optimization 1.3
#17726 Admin's Recent Actions broken for multiple admin site instances with unique registered models new nobody Bug 1.3
#17881 Implement BaseModelAdmin.get_raw_id_fields, similar to get_readonly_fields new nobody New feature 1.4-beta-1
#17890 extra_context new nobody Bug master
#17962 Django Admin delete_view could benefit from extension points new nobody New feature master
#18096 Overiding delete permissions in the Admin new nobody Bug 1.4
#18142 sorting in change_list is not distincted new nobody Bug 1.4
#18427 limit_choices_to won't limit correctly new nobody Bug 1.4
#18549 Admin should not use verbose_name_plural for OneToOne field new vanessagomes Bug master
#18665 Making it easier to customize Django Admin new nobody New feature master
#18736 Flexible filters for django admin new nobody New feature 1.4
#18767 Admin's calendar for datetime fields doesn't show right values with russian and some other locales assigned maxocub Bug master
#18879 FilteredSelectMultiple loses data new nobody Bug 1.4
#18914 Object tools improvements new nobody New feature master
#18957 Add next/previous buttons when editing a model in the admin site new nobody New feature 1.4
#19235 Admin actions displayed as buttons instead of drop-down list assigned marpetr New feature master
#19258 ModelAdmin customized queryset with extra option assigned arank Bug 1.4
#19361 Link to object in message after creating/updating object in django admin assigned bak1an New feature master
#19431 Prepopulate modeladmin forms datetime fields using querystrings assigned pyriku New feature 1.4
#19536 in ModelAdmin disabling has_add_permission results in not showing any object-tools assigned ikks Cleanup/optimization master
#19538 __admin_media_prefix__ in admin templates assigned garanko Bug 1.4
#19710 ModelAdmin exclude behaviour not consistent with ModelAdmin behaviour new nobody Bug 1.4
#19721 Django admin allows filtering using the field lookups such as "in", but it is impossible to include a value that contains a comma new nobody Bug 1.4
#19747 Admin save of non-default database model fails when model contains unique fields new nobody Bug 1.4
#19755 Incremental filter assigned suligap New feature master
#19963 Add support for date_hierarchy across relations new New feature master
#20133 Admin: Add deletion summary new nobody New feature master
#20151 get_deleted_objects does not check permissions on proxy model objects without ModelAdmin new nobody Bug 1.5
#20372 using registration/logged_out.html template overrides admin logout assigned alexisbellido Cleanup/optimization 1.5
#20436 Cleanup/Optimization of javascript code with JSLint in admin assigned galuszkak Cleanup/optimization master
#20597 Replace admin icons images by an icon font. assigned anonymous Cleanup/optimization master
#21113 django_admin_log table stores messages in different languages depending on which language was active while editing. new nobody New feature master
#21132 AdminSite cannot handle different namespace assigned vajrasky Bug master
#21135 Admin: Support for editing OneToOne related models in RELATED model new nobody New feature master
#21183 Filter block on the right covers information in admin assigned viciu New feature master
#21196 Warning when running the test suite under MySQL new nobody Bug master
#21220 Improve admin user friendliness new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.5
#21241 Optimize the query generated for admin changelist filters new charettes Cleanup/optimization master
#22115 Related Querysets from Inlines not getting cached new nobody Bug 1.6
#22226 Reversing admin URLs requires undocumented filter admin_urlquote. new nobody Bug master
#22266 CharField primary keys with underscores are (un)escaped differently in the admin pages new nobody Bug 1.6
#22295 admin/base.html only shows #user-tools when user is staff new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#22396 Admin AllValuesFieldListFilter not respecting ModelAdmin.get_queryset new nobody Bug master
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