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#13879 method_decorator doesn't supports decorators with arguments new New feature 1.2
#20296 django.utils.safestring.mark_safe forces evaluation of lazy objects new nobody New feature master
#21544 Problem with number format when not using L10N new Yonel Ceruto Bug master
#25060 Add support for str(timedelta) representation in parse_duration new nobody New feature master
#25624 Autoreload fails if jinja2.ModuleLoader used new nobody Bug 1.8
#25762 Optimize numberformat.format new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#26287 SimpleLazyObject doesn't implement __radd__ new nobody New feature master
#27202 Investigate RenameMethodsBase effect on yaml serialization new nobody Bug 1.8
#27468 Move utils.crypto.salted_hmac() from SHA1 toward SHA256 assigned Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy Cleanup/optimization master
#27635 django.utils.crypto should use secrets on Python 3.6+ new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#27659 Arbritrary file overrides in startproject/app template extraction new nobody Bug master
#27685 Allow autoreloader to use watchman assigned Tom Forbes Cleanup/optimization master
#27753 Cleanups when no supported version of Django supports Python 2 anymore new Cleanup/optimization master
#27795 Audit force_text invocations assigned Claude Paroz Cleanup/optimization master
#28123 django.utils.html.smart_urlquote() is incorrectly parsing the query string new nobody Bug 1.10
#28280 numberformat.format() incorrectly formats large/tiny floats in scientific notation new nobody Bug 1.11
#28358 LazyObject defines attribute that don't exist on wrapped object assigned Sergey Fedoseev Bug 1.11
#28602 Filesystem watcher based autoreload implementation for Windows platform new nobody New feature 1.11
#28690 django.utils.http.parse_http_date two digit year check is incorrect assigned Alexander Vyushkov Bug master
#28694 Make django.utils.text.slugify() remove redundant dashes and underscores assigned Elinaldo do Nascimento Monteiro Cleanup/optimization master
#28911 Add support for the Msft time zone required on Windows Subsystem for Linux running openSUSE assigned Sergey Fedoseev Cleanup/optimization 1.11
#29406 Add Referrer-Policy header support assigned James Bennett New feature master
#29412 django.utils.text.slugify / SafeString new nobody Uncategorized 2.0
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