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#13879 method_decorator doesn't supports decorators with arguments new New feature 1.2
#19210 django.utils.timesince() does not account for leap years new Bug master
#20222 Some functions are wrapped into allow_lazy incorrectly assigned bmispelon Bug master
#20223 Allow allow_lazy to be used as a decorator assigned bmispelon New feature master
#20296 django.utils.safestring.mark_safe forces evaluation of lazy objects new nobody New feature master
#21544 Problem with number format when not using L10N new Yonel Ceruto Bug master
#22598 make_aware throws AmbiguousTimeError exception new nobody New feature master
#23448 Update ISO_INPUT_FORMATS to allow date filtering for ISO8601 dates assigned jaegerpicker New feature master
#24046 Consider deprecating the "escape" half of django.utils.safestring new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
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