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#7835 Provide the ability for model definitions that are only availably during testing new nobody New feature master
#11505 Django's TestCase should reset the cache new nobody New feature master
#11593 Incomplete support for app-level testing new nobody New feature master
#12089 test client fails to collect sub-contexts new nobody Bug master
#12227 PREPEND_WWW breaks the test client assigned Sharpek Bug 1.1
#14365 Make template-rendering signals available also in DEBUG mode new Carl Meyer New feature master
#15063 multi_db flag on TestCase causes invalid error reporting when loading fixtures new nobody Bug 1.2
#15179 django.test.client.Client.login fake HttpRequest is not run through middlewares new nobody Bug master
#15691 TEST_DEPENDENCIES doesn't use TEST_NAME in circular dependency detection. new nobody Bug 1.2
#16713 Fixture loading for tests ignore database specific names new nobody Bug 1.3
#17631 edge case: django.test.client should handle fields and files with the same name new Cleanup/optimization 1.3
#18088 Add a "supports_foreign_key" database feature to ease testing new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.4
#18707 Test client doesn't allow testing 500 responses content new nobody New feature 1.6
#20456 Easier unit testing for class-based views new New feature master
#20915 Remove django.test.client dependency on django.contrib.auth (and .sessions?) new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#20917 Change the password hashers when testing assigned Ash Christopher New feature master
#21143 runtests might execute queries against the normal database instead of the testdatabase new nobody Bug master
#21227 Selenium tests terminate with [Errno 10054] new nobody Bug master
#21739 When running tests fixture error output isn't visible assigned Olek Bug 1.6
#21742 Unable to prevent creation of a database during test runs new nobody New feature 1.5
#22079 TestClient serialization of GET params with empty list as value new nobody Bug master
#22439 LiveServerTestCase handles error messages inconsistently assigned Jeremy Bowman Cleanup/optimization 1.6
#22449 Colorize output of test results assigned Yuri Shikanov New feature master
#23251 Use a temporary folder to store uploaded files during tests assigned Sasha Gaevsky Bug master
#23718 TEST_MIRROR setting doesn't work as expected (and has no tests) assigned eng. Ilian Iliev Bug 1.7
#23746 Allow assertNumQueries to clear caches before it runs new nobody New feature master
#24396 Migrate only required models to the "other" database new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#24484 Add a helpful message when running tests with models without migrations assigned Karl Hobley Cleanup/optimization master
#24622 Response "context" and "templates" not available in the Test Client when using Jinja2 - Django 1.8 new nobody Bug 1.8
#24721 Add "test extensions" (e.g. something similar to mail.outbox for messages) new nobody New feature master
#24759 Add or document a way to test data migrations new nobody New feature 1.8
#24782 Add TestCase.assertFormValid assigned Joseph Victor Zammit New feature master
#25251 Inconsistent availability of data migrations in TransactionTestCase when using --keepdb assigned Romain Garrigues Bug 1.8
#25388 Allow disabling of all migrations during tests new New feature master
#25504 Django test teardown fails when there is no default database new Bug 1.9
#25707 Use py.test for internal testing new nobody New feature master
#25889 Organize tests in tests/queries assigned reficul31 Cleanup/optimization master
#25941 Improve the error message for when Django isn't on the path new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#26552 `TransactionTestCase.serialized_rollback` fails to restore objects due to ordering constraints new nobody Bug 1.9
#26659 Allow filtering of which tests run new nobody New feature 1.9
#26822 New migrations not applied on clone databases (sqlite) when using --parallel and --keepdb option new nobody Bug 1.9
#27079 Refactor LiveServerPort.test_port_bind() not to call setUpClass() twice assigned Chris Jerdonek Bug 1.10
#27391 Support unittest.TestCase.debug() method new nobody New feature master
#27398 Make SimpleTestCase.assertRedirects() URL comparison ignore ordering of query parameters assigned Jan Pieter Waagmeester Cleanup/optimization 1.10
#27430 ` test` does not support unittest `-b` buffer option assigned Eyad Toma New feature 1.10
#27447 Provide an easy way to test sending of signals assigned James Bennett New feature master
#27734 Add a helpful error message when a parallel test worker is assigned an unexpected index new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.10
#27751 Teardown of a PG test database fails if it is an autogenerated test_MYDB database new nobody Bug 1.9
#27760 Hard to diagnose reason for 400 response when making test request that sets SERVER_NAME new nobody Cleanup/optimization 1.10
#27835 Make TransactionTestCase raise an error if it accesses non-default database connection without multi_db=True new nobody New feature master
#27906 assertInHTML('<a/><b/>', '<a/><b/><c/>') fails assigned Michal Petrucha Bug master
#28119 Test client cookies do not take into account server hostnames/domains new nobody New feature 1.11
#28263 TestCase breaks for databases that don't support savepoints new nobody Bug 1.11
#28337 fetch_redirect_response from assertRedirects doesn't honor HTTP_HOST setting in self.client.get assigned Patrick Jenkins Cleanup/optimization 1.11
#28452 Consider adding a test command argument --locals to show traceback locals new nobody New feature master
#28478 Make DiscoverRunner skip creating a test database if not needed new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#29023 running tests in parallel doesn't show exception chain, even with tblib new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#29024 `TestContextDecorator` never exits if `setUp` fails in tests assigned Shahbaj Sayyad Bug master
#29039 Disabling migrations doesn't work with --keepdb new nobody Bug 1.11
#29040 test database creation log output doesn't use consistent stream new nobody Cleanup/optimization master
#29052 test database setup can truncate non-test database if two database aliases point to the same database new nobody Bug 2.0
#29062 "database table locked errors" when using sqlite in-memory database with LiveServerTestCase new nobody Bug 2.0
#29098 Add SimpleTestCase.assertRedirectsRegex() new nobody New feature 1.11
#29127 Running tagged tests hides any with syntax errors new Bug 2.0
#29226 @modify_settings append/remove/prepend is affected by dictionary order assigned benjaoming Uncategorized 2.0
#29268 Support passing None to test Client and RequestFactory request methods for default content_type assigned Chris Jerdonek Cleanup/optimization 2.0
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